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Jode - I like to encourage body confidence

The pink paint shoot was one of my favourite projects I have worked on.

Myself and Jason (Phototrinity) brainstormed ideas for this paint shoot and spent about 2 months getting the resources for it and planning exactly what we wanted to do. This shoot was split into two main sets of photos. The first was fun, creative, bright colourful shots, creating interesting body shapes and focusing on detailed imagery.

The second was of a slightly darker setting, expressing mental health awareness. This set was created with the message of showing vulnerability and struggles with mental health such as anxiety, depression and BPD. This was a very powerful shoot for me and something I could really use to be expressive and channel all of my energy into.

The shoot in total took around 8 hours in the studio. It was super fun, very messy and a hot shower afterward was much appreciated!



Can you remember, when you used to be a teenager, what did you want to be when you grow up? 

When I was younger I always loved fashion, experimenting around with makeup and trying out bold hair colours. I always loved watching videos of fashion shows and runways in particular the Victorias Secret Fashion Show. I always wanted to work in fashion or art.


When did you start to think about modelling and when have you done your first photo session?

I started to think about modelling when I was around 18 or 19 years old. This was when I gradually started investing in ambassador schemes for brands. I also experimented with sales in beauty products which I did for around one year. I started modelling when I was about 20 years old. I was amazed by the images and thoroughly enjoyed shooting different sets of photos with various outfits, themes, and ideas.


Can you recall the feeling during the photo session? What was the theme of the photo session? 

I remember the feeling during my first photo sessions. It was summer time, so it consisted mostly of location work on the beautiful beaches and countryside in Devon. I felt quite overwhelmed and anxious at first as I was leaving my comfort zone. However, I quickly adapted to photo shoots, and was blessed to work with wonderful photographers who were encouraging and fun to be around. I built up my confidence from here and became more relaxed and confident as the photo shoot/s progressed. The theme of my first photoshoot was summer fashion and swimwear. This was a really awesome vibe to start modelling with, as I have always loved spending time outdoors. I always feel lucky that my work allows me to do exactly that, particularly living in such a beautiful part of the country.

When have you decided that you will continue with modelling? 

I decided that I would continue with modelling after my first two or three shoots. I decided that I wanted to explore more areas of modelling. I built great professional relationships and  received useful guidance from professional photographers and other models when I first began modelling. This in turn gave me the confidence, encouragement and ambition to work hard and produce amazing results. Seeing the results once the images are processed only encourages me further and makes me want to continue modelling more and more. Encouragement and support from friends, family and other professionals definitely impacted my feeling to continue with modelling and stepping out of my comfort zone.

You have done several lingerie photo sessions - is that your favourite style ? What kind of lingerie is your favourite one? 

A lot of the work I do involves lingerie. I really enjoy this style as I like to encourage body confidence and feeling confident in your own skin which I think is important for everybody. I love trying out different styles, colours and designs of lingerie as each set can give off intrinsically different vibes and settings for the shoot. My favourite kind of lingerie is bold, colourful lingerie, as these images tend to really stand out whilst looking very humble.

You have travelled a lot - can you tell us about your favourite destinations and something about those places? 

I love to travel and began as a travel blogger before I started modelling (hence the name blonde_travels_). Alongside modelling, travelling is a great hobby of mine, and one I am very dedicated and passionate toward. I have been lucky enough to spend time in some beautiful locations around Asia, America and Europe. One of the most memorable experiences for me was when I climbed Mount Fuji in Japan. The view of Japan at the top is one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. As for my other favourite destinations, I would have to say New York, India (which has the best food for sure!), Gili Island off the coast of Bali and South Korea. Thailand is also a place I frequently visit, and one that always holds a place in my heart with beautiful Islands in the south particularly.

Your collab with brands? 

One of my favourite parts of modelling is collaborating with clothing brands. I have been given fantastic opportunities from brands to shoot in their clothing, which I enjoy thoroughly. This ranges from lingerie brands to everyday clothing. One of my favourite collaborations was modelling for a company called Frocks in Swing Time in Exeter on the catwalk at the Exeter Sustainable Fashion Show 2020. This brand is seriously unique with its beautiful vintage dresses as well as promoting sustainable fashion which is a cause important to me. I would love to work with more brands like this in the future. Many of the brands I work with are independent businesses which I always personally like to support in any way I can. They also each offer an intricate unique style.

Plans for the rest of 2020?

Under the current circumstances, life has been chaotic for all. I am finding ways to get back into doing more shoots again whilst closely following current governmental guidelines as well as working with brands in my home studio. I had plans this year to participate in more catwalks, however, these are postponed due to Covid-19. I hope that further into the year as life gradually returns to a new normal, that I will be able to take opportunities to participate in more catwalk work, as this was such a fun experience where I met some awesome people and was blessed to be a part of something truly amazing. I also intend to expand on the clothing brands I am collaborating with and have many exciting shoot ideas that I can not wait to do. Moreso, I am closely involved in the opening of a new photo studio by Jason, a photographer I work with frequently (Jason Reading Phototrinity). I have enjoyed helping him market this and cannot wait to be a part of awesome studio days in the near future. Besides my modelling, I have a road trip planned in America, beginning in LA, which will be resumed again once travel restrictions have eased. I cannot wait to do more travelling and take on new opportunities with my modelling!



Philip Cook 

Social media where people can see your modelling work?

You can view my modelling work on my Instagram page @blonde_travels_  - here I post lots of exciting shots from my shoots as well as behind the scenes and brand collaborations with projects I am currently working on. I look forward to seeing you there!