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Bri - I’m sexy, I’m beautiful and I’m confident

Being comfortable in your own skin is key. Nothing anyone says can make you feel confident. You have to know that when you go in there and get naked for a shoot, you have to own it and make it yours! Ask questions, so you know what is being expected of you!

Look in the mirror beforehand, in the nude, and appreciate your flaws! Tell the mirror “ I’m sexy I’m beautiful and I’m confident. “ and you must believe what you are saying! It may seem cliche but these exercises work! Have fun and don’t worry about your insecurities! 


Can you tell us about your roots, about growing up? 

I’m from St. Louis Missouri. I’m Black with German roots! I’m the baby of 14 children. 


What was your childhood / teenage dream? What did you wanna become? 

My dream was to be a singer. I also wanted to be a celebrity hairstylist! 


Any idols during the teenage period? 

My Idols growing up were Beyoncé and Michael Jackson. I wanted to be just like them! My sister Sonya, who passed away inspired me to follow my dreams and not to care about what people thought of me. She cared for me greatly! My mom and dad inspired me to do what I want and to stay strong and determined. To work hard and never to never give up!


When did you start with modeling? Can you recall your first photo session? 

My first photo session was with Charles Dark Alpha in Feb 2020. It was actually my first implied nude shoot as well! I wasn’t scared to be nude, I was more intimidated by the photographer because he has worked with so many beautiful nude models, that I hoped that I could measure up! Lol. He was great and a pleasure to work with!



When it comes to modeling, what is your favorite style? 

I don’t have a favorite style per se, I love and appreciate all styles of modeling. Nude is challenging and I do appreciate a challenge! 


Do you like to be in charge when it comes to your outfit or do you let it to the photographer/brand? 

I’m very open and I don’t mind a photographer picking out my attire. I’m a canvas, and whatever it takes to get a good shot I’m willing to be open to it! So if that means I have to adjust my outfit or change it for the sake of a good Photoshoot session I will!


You are an amazing implied nude model. Can you tell us about your point of view when it comes to implied nude art & photos? How picky you are, what makes you most feminine/sexy so you can do your best in front of the camera? 

That was very kind thank you! When it comes to taking nude shoots, having chemistry and trust with the photographer is important to me. The more comfortable I feel the better outcome of the photos. When I take pictures, I gaze into the lenses as if they were eyes and I’m staring into them like a soul! Anyone can be pretty and smile for the camera, but I like to add emotion to my pictures. I m not picky. I’m a free spirit that loves to take chances and risks when it comes to photography. I feel sexy when I’m fully confident in myself. Clothes and hair don’t make me feel sexy. How I feel does.


Business time. When did you decide to start your own business? 

I have been working for myself since 2010. I always wanted to be my own boss and make differences in my life and those around me. I loved making people feel pretty and I knew that was what I wanted asa career. To make people feel good about themselves.


Tell us more about your products 

I make hair and beard products and now I have my own merchandise like shirts and other items. My hairline “Bri Haus” is gaining popularity in Texas and Atlanta and my hometown St Louis Missouri!Lots of supporters and everyone loves it so far. I love helping people gain confidence in themselves by assisting with their hair growth! Again, making people feel beautiful is important to me!


Can you give some advice to people who would love to start some kind of business but they have doubts about it? 

Go for it! Do your research. Build an audience on social media platforms. Tell close family and friends what your plans are for a business. Get feedback. And again research! Working for yourself can be so rewarding. More time with your friends and loved ones, the convenience of being able to work around your own hours is amazing! Don’t give up! Start now! 


Meaning of your tattoos? 

My tattoos are meaningful! I have my family tattooed on me. I have a quote “ Still I Rise” on me that means a lot because it shows that I’m here and will continue to be no matter what I face in life. My sister Kay at “Iron Hyde Tattooing“ does all of my tattoo work. I love tattoos because I’m able to express myself by using my body. The same way as doing nude implied shoots!


Is there something that you want to add to this interview? 

I want to add that life is short. What we make of our life now is the platform and blue print for our future selves. Do what makes you happy. Especially if it isn’t hurting anyone. Be the change you want to see around you. I want to take this opportunity to thank My supporters and my photographer Charles for believing in me and showing me that the sky is the limit. Thank you for taking this time to interview me out of all the beautiful people you could have gave this opportunity to, you chose me. ❤️ 



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