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The Sub Enchantress - Class is forever

I’m actually new to this. I have only been modelling for around 9 months.

I was really busy, finding my way, and then lockdown happened. I ended up postponing lots of shoots which I am now managing to complete them all.

I’m having a blast. I absolutely love what I do and have met some amazing people and visited stunning locations and studios.

I continue to work very hard and feel very blessed to have this as my hobby. 

I had quite a difficult childhood health wise as was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at the age of two so really I was busy keeping myself well.

So I guess I just wanted a normal life outside of hospital beds.  
But I really wanted to be a vet. I’m obsessed with animals of all types and that would have fulfilled me for sure.
I ended up however being a personal assistant.  Which brings its own challenges. I love working to strict deadlines. 
Generally, the theme is discussed with the photographer beforehand. Mood boards are a great way to envisage how the shoot will look.
Unless I am booked for something particular or the photographer has a specific idea then I usually style and dress.
I take great pleasure in styling my hair and makeup and enjoy packing my bag for each shoot. This is carefully planned out.
I have so much lingerie of all styles and colours. Some may say I have a lingerie obsession. They are probably right.
Adam Crowe 
London, UK
Office Twisted Edge Mag Photographer
 Social Media