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Natalie - it is all about confidence

Believe in yourself, confidence is key in modelling.

Find the style you feel confident and comfy doing, that will automatically boost your confidence.

Modelling brought me out of my shell and made me the person I am today.

About growing up
Growing up my dad was a single parent bringing up 4 kids. It was tough but he did his best to bring us all up.
Growing up I wanted to be a vet because I have a massive love for animals.
My idol growing up was my dad. i always looked up to him as being a really strong independent person and that what I want to grow up to be like.
About modeling
i started modelling just over a year ago, my first photoshoot with a photographer called Liam at Exmouth beach.
My favourite style of modelling is urban/ grunge style and high-end fashion
I think portrait photography shows a lot about the person, how they feeling, and how they are thinking.
About life and plans
I have a 4-week workout plan that i follow, i also have a super-high metabolism so that's definitely a benefit for me. 
Find the right photographer as well. If the photographer is easy to get along with and talk to you will be more comfortable.
Modelling for be gave me a massive confidence boost. I use to be really shy.