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Karyss - Unique Alt model

My name's Karyss, I'm 25 from Plymouth in Devon, UK. I have been modelling for nearly 12 years.
I first started out in camera clubs back in July 2009 as a model with beginner photographers as I too could learn whilst they were as well.
I found this was a great way to further my knowledge with something I wanted to get into since I was little.
I have my own unique style, not being the 'run of the mill' model has worked for me. I found it easier to go to a camera club where they were more worried about learning the camera and the lighting than what tattoos I had and this way I found my confidence to freelance on my own and get myself out there. I do have an array of tattoos from a Disney sleeve on my arm, chest tattoos including one for my daughter, under boob quote and thigh tattoos, all the way down to a tribute to my mother, who sadly passed away, on my leg. They're all quite colourful and with this alone, I have found it quite difficult to get into the beauty side of modelling.
I love my tattoos as they make me my own person and with that, I am able to create my own unique style and continue to do this every shoot I do. I am also known for not sticking to a hair colour for long and have had all different colours which I also find so fun to fit into a shoot style. I find modelling almost like a character, the confidence and fun you get from a shoot and then the images you get back, you can really show yourself off and make yourself feel beautiful. Modelling has made my day-to-day life easier with liking myself, my body and my appearance. I have built myself up and continue to do so. I love being my own person and I love even more the friendships you can make whilst shooting. I have often been known to be up trees, in the British sea at 10am or up under flyovers, I love to be able to get an image from a different angle or perspective.
During the last nearly 12 years I have covered quite a range of different styles but all with my own spin on them. I have been venturing more into the sexy side of modelling the past year or so and this I find so empowering! I do leave a lot to the imagination as that's personally my own style. I love the interaction I get from the photos I post and have had so many opportunities due to a couple of pictures posted in different areas of social media.
I currently work as a support worker, rock climbing instructor and a mother to my 5-year-old and she sometimes comes along to the shoots with me to get involved. She is my biggest supporter, always saying what she likes and how beautiful she thinks I am.
For 2021 I am hoping the dreaded C word (COVID-19) disappears a little so I can get back into the studio as I was hoping to run a work shop for new models of all ages, gender, sizes and build to come back grow some confidence, get some moves behind the camera and get a good start on a portfolio. I also hope to get some of the sexy style shoots into my portfolio and even maybe some more hair colours.
My link to my website: