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Francesca - The woman is always beautiful

My name is Francesca and I live in Italy. 
I am 34 years old 
and since five years I have been a curvy model, 
with strong passion for photography 
linked to elegance, eros, and beauty of women, 
at 360 degrees  


I have been into photography world for 8 years now, 
and before I worked as a beauty model for hair, make-up and jewelry. 
Then one day a dear friend 
photographer saw something more inside me. 
So we decided to do a shooting, experiencing portrait 
and artistic nude genres, and suddenly a 
new world was revealedI discovered that 
I have something to show and express, 
especially in boudoir and nude genres, 
even if with my extra kilos”. 

I was a little scared and doubtful. Also shy about getting naked in front of a stranger but if you work with kindness, fair, and passion, all these fears pass with ease.

I like to work closely with the photographer.

I like to discuss about the set together, talk to each other and exchange ideas. Both for the location and for the outfits, so that the result of the shooting is always positive and creative.

The key to reach great results, is to be friends, accomplices and have great respect for each other. Love the female sex and be at ease and always discuss various ideas

I love black and white photos in this style with natural light and very particular locations such as historic houses or open spaces with huge windows

You always have to work in steps. Never feel obliged to do something and enhance what you like best so that the shots look how do you like and have an incentive to discover more and more.

I love traveling with my husband, reading poetry, and listening to a lot of music of any kind. Music is life and a source of inspiration.

In everyday life, I work in the medical field and I like to help people in a social campaign.

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