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FEM NUDE EMBRACE: Karmen Rae, The Inked Siren

I know being nude can cause controversy and not be popular and majorly frowned upon. But I love it, I feel I’m being myself. No care in the world. 
I just hope one day it can be normalized and not hold a stigma. 
Our bodies, in any shape or form, should be adored not hidden. 

My name is Karmen Rae, I’m 33 and Originally from Sunderland in the northeast of England. 
I’m heavily tattooed to the point where I don’t realize how different I am from the “normal” society.
I roughly started modelling when I was 26. Something I always thought about as I was heavily influenced by Carmen Electra and Pamela Anderson from a very young age. To me, they’re my Idols.
I’d say at first I was quite reserved being restricted by other people’s opinions etc and sadly I didn’t take into account my own feelings. So I started off very tame with fashion. 
But as time went on I became more comfortable with editorial, fashion, and other styles, slowly shying into lingerie.
And you know what? I loved it. !!
After a while, I took some time out of modelling when my marriage ended. I needed to focus on other things. 
I started a new business and proudly I became a tattooist. Another much wanted dream.
My studio is in Telford and I love it so much. An amazing studio with a great vibe. 
As time went on I missed modelling, so I thought stuff it , let’s restart this. !!
So I came back bolder than ever with confidence and excitement nothing like before. 
In my first nude shoot I was so nervous. But as time went on I felt amazing. I felt Empowered, sexy, free, and liberated. 
I wish everyone could feel like this. 
It also helps that my new partner is amazing and supports me and in other venture as I create Adult content in the Adult Entertainment industry. 
How incredible the influence of a truly great man by your side can do to a women. 
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