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Art of Tilo - Cheyenne

I’m Tilo Riemer, a German photographer living in the beautiful Ore Mountains in Saxony. All began with an old Praktica (East German camera) and the darkroom equipment which an old bookbinder did not need anymore. Of course, the memory of the first image that appeared in the developer tray practically out of nowhere is no longer vivid. But I know that it sent me into a state of euphoria.
Since then, photography has not let me go. Sometimes more, sometimes less. But in the meantime it has become a passion.
Each image is unique in its own way, a snapshot cast in bytes for eternity - or at least a longer time. A picture can say so much, have a different meaning for everyone. And when someone or the thing is no more, the image remains as a memory. 
Taking pics and working together with models is a journey to myself. Dealing with people I often meet for the first time, is always interesting. In the beginning it was challenging because I’m rather introverted. 
I love the variety, to control light and shadow and saturated colors… but from time to time, black and white is perfect.
I started the portrait photography using a simple MFT camera (Olympus OMD EM10 Mk I)… upgrading to the Lumix G9, which I still use. End of 2020 I bought a full frame camera - a Nikon Z5 with the really good Nikkor Z 85mm/1.8 S.
I retouch every pic with CaptureOne Pro. In really rare cases, I use Affinity Photo. 
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