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Star - modelling is an art form

For new alternative people getting into modelling my best advice is to be undoubtedly and unashamedly yourself! Know your limits and what you enjoy and only work within that bracket, you know what you want, and you know what is best for you - you know better than anyone else!

Sometimes it can be hard to feel like you “belong” and feeling relaxed in front of the camera comes with practice.

The best way to overcome any fears is to put yourself in the positions you want to be in and push yourself to perform to the best of your ability! It’s a competitive world out there, so never compare yourself to others and remember: us models are all in the same boat - it’s better to uplift and support the people around you rather than get bogged down with comparisons or jealousy!


I’m Star Sia, a 24 year old alternative model from Devon, UK.

I first started thinking about modelling as a child, I was always creative and enjoyed exploring fashion and art; I can remember going to a fashion catalogue casting when I was a young teenager. Although I wasn’t selected, it did encourage me to explore: clothing, styling, modeling, and art. As a young adult I got into the modelling world and worked with independent companies, well known beauty brands, and hobbyist photographers. 


My first photo sessions were around the age of 19. One of which was with the photographer I worked with to create these more recent images featured today. My first shoots focused around nature, self exploration and alternative fashion. I always feel inspired and empowered when shooting, the creative process is so positive for me! I have been artistic my whole life, achieving the highest grade in Fine Art at GCSE level and then going on to study Fine Art at college - when shooting I draw from my artistic experiences and I truly feel like modelling is an art form.


My first tattoo was in remembrance of my grandparents, a black linework rabbit in the style of the Watership Down animation pictured with bluebells, gooseberries and blackberries. I got this tattoo in 2019 when I was 22 years old, since then I have added 9 others to my collection. Many of my tattoos do hold some symbolic reasoning that is deeply personal however some are simply on my body because I resonate with the artwork or the figure. I have a thorn garter around my right thigh and lots of barbed wire and chain detail along my arms that I really enjoy the aesthetic of. I enjoy decorating my body and so far have only used black ink to do so; I like the contrast against my skin tone and I like telling a visual, cohesive story with ink on my body.

I have dolphin bite lip piercings, which are essentially a double lip ring similar to snake bites but more central on the lip. I also have my septum and the bridge of my nose pierced. In my ears, I have both lobes pierced and often wear large silver hoops; I have a second lobe piercing on my left ear. I have a tragus stud on my left ear and on my right I have an industrial bar that I’m currently wearing two horseshoes through rather than a bar. I like all my jewelry to flow and match, so I wear all silver coloured pieces. I enjoy body modification and previously have had: snake bites, labret, eyebrow, and nose piercings. I would love dahlia bites and one day to have my ears pointed! 


My favourite style of modeling would definitely be alternative fashion, there is so much to explore and as an alternative person I feel like I am being true to myself in my art when creating something I personally feel passionate about! 

I am yet to do a beach shoot, or any cosplay - but I have some ideas in the works and can’t wait to start exploring them! I would also like to do more shoots focusing around dancing and movement as I am a poi spinner and I also experiment with aerial performance.


In terms of what someone “needs to look like” to be considered an alternative model I think my opinion is that as the alternative scene is so diverse, a models attitude is the most important part. Piercings or tattoos are somewhat irrelevant, if you enjoy exploring a style and can capture the aesthetic with hair, makeup and poses then you’re on your way to becoming a great alternative model in my eyes! However, I am still somewhat of a beginner to the industry and I think people need to discover what sort of modelling suits them best by experiencing it themselves.  


Aside from modeling I enjoy spending time with my pet cat, Nemo. I play guitar, although I’m no rock star yet! I make psychedelic art with my partner (you can see examples of our work on Instagram: @Cozmic.Art.Studios). I also enjoy dancing, exploring nature and as previously mentioned I like flow arts such as spinning poi and aerial arts, specifically aerial hoop. I also like going to the gym and cooking good food as I think it’s important to look after your body and nourish all aspects of it!

The images featured in this shoot are all taken by a photographer named Alexander Snowball. Alex is a 27 year old self taught photographer with 11 years of experience, based in Devon, UK.

He worked as head photographer for a small modelling agency and saw several publications and 2 models walk the catwalks at Milan and London fashion week. Alex spends his time as a freelance hobbying photographer. You can find more of his work on Instagram: @alexandertog 

You can follow me on Instagram and TikTok, I use the same name on both platforms: @StarSiaaaX