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Jessica Jerrard - lesson about confidence

The woman’s body is so beautiful, in all shapes and sizes.
Wearing nothing but confidence is the sexist thing I think you can achieve.
As a society, I think we need to show more of the raw/unedited version of ourselves.
Learning to love the way we are is the hardest lesson to learn!
I’m still learning!
Can you tell us something about yourself?
Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be a performer. I went to every dance class possible to try to be the best dancer I could be.
After my studies, I quickly realized there was little money in dancing unless you were one of the few that actually make it on to the main stage! So I ended up going in to sales and technology while performing alongside. Thinking back I got the the best of both worlds I guess! 
Before we go to your modeling, can you tell us about your dancing life? 
I started dancing at the age of 5 and it was always a dream to be in music videos. After my studies I auditioned to be a dancer for a sky sports dance team that covered all major sporting events Globally. This was possibly the best years of my life, traveling, doing what I love & getting paid for it. Then I started performing in a few nightclubs in the West End which is when I started learning fire.
When did you start with modeling ? Can you recall your first photo session ? At what age did you start with photo sessions? 
I started when I was around 19, I hated the photos of my early years and never felt pretty enough. It took many, many years of practice and learning to love myself along with working with some amazing photographers who helped me build my confidence.
You are an amazing lingerie  model. Can you tell us about your point of view when it comes to good lingerie  photos ? How picky you are, what makes you most feminine / sexy so you can do your best in front of the camera.  
Thank you!  I really love the less obviously sexy but moody shoots. Something a bit different from the mainstream and working with a creative director. The cross between high fashion and erotica is my favorite so I’m hoping to do more of these shoots this year. 
Tell us more about tattoos that you have. Meaning of them? 
I got my first tattoo at 15, it was HORRENDOUS. I then got it covered up by what was supposed to be a type of flower but that didn’t look much better so I started off on the wrong path! I then got the bug for wanting to create works of art on my body. I’m in the process of getting a few lasered off, I just wish I had stopped and thought about the end game before adding more but we are where we are now! 
You are a woman who is full of self confidence. Can you give an advice to all aspiring models and woman your age who would love to start with  m modeling, but they are either afraid to show their body or they are in a state of mind “what will  people say!”. How to boost self confidence ?! 
As I mentioned above, my confidence is very much part of my alter ego. Not saying that I'm not confident, but my confidence that is shown in pictures is much more than in real life.
I’m actually very self critical which is something I’m trying to work on! I have tried a few things but working out has completely changed my life. I love going to the gym and lifting heavy weights, I used to be all cardio and no weights up until 2 years ago. I can safely say this has made me 50x more confident.
When you feel confident in your own skin it shows. That would defiantly be my main tip, get a coach, eat healthily 80% of the time and lift heavy sh*t  
You are into fitness too. Can you tell us about that part of your life ? 
I have always been athletic, but always into dancing or thinking I needed to run miles to stay slim. It wasn’t until a few years ago when I started doing my research and got a coach who helped me understand that I needed to fuel my workouts with the right food. After years of over restricting calories and an eating disorder this was the mindset that had to change. Since I started eating for energy for my workouts, I have seen a drastic change in my body. I never thought eating more would actually make me have a better body! I’d never go back now.
Interior design? Hobby or a job? 
Totally a hobby but is something I LOVE! I've always decorated our houses and known what I like, on our last house I designed everything from the colour scheme to themes etc and it really gave me the confidence and drive to want to do more. We are now in the process of building our own house so I get to do it all from scratch this time, I’ll be posting the journey on my Instagram and we are hoping to be finished by the end of June. (Fingers crossed)
Plans for the rest of 2021
House build, working my main job, getting abroad somewhere hot when possible and more shoots!