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Mandi - Art of Alternative Modeling

I currently have 25 tattoos and the number is going down which I love because it means I have more completed pieces! I started off thinking that all my tattoos needed to have meanings, and some of them for sure have deeper meanings than others, but once I realized that I was getting things I loved or admired was more than a good enough reason to get them. Some had meanings that are no longer relevant in my life and others I just liked the way they looked. 

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The representation of naked bodies in art goes back very long. Already in Antiquity, artists represented bodies in many ways, women in particular. Sculptures, paintings, many works are today very famous. Nowadays, I tend to believe that people are not comfortable, and are mixed as to qualify it as "art." For me nude art is to highlight the body, to show all its beauty. Emphasize the fact that each body is unique, with its own curves and lines.

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Mademoiselle Adélaïde

Femme hypersensible avant tout, Mademoiselle Adélaïde est une modèle passionnée et éclectique, une artiste perfectionniste dotée d'une très grande humilité.
Elle est ouverte à toutes sortes de projets créatifs.

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