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Siana - S’aimer c’est s’accepter / To love yourself is to accept yourself

On se rend compte que la vie des autres n’est pas forcément meilleure. 

Ne pas concentrer son énergie sur la vie idéalisée des autres mais sur la notre.

Arrêter de se comparer, parce qu’on se dévalorise, en relativisant et en ayant une vue d’ensemble.

S’entourer de personnes bienveillantes.

S’aimer c’est s’accepter ! 


We realize that the lives of others are not necessarily better.

Do not focus your energy on the idealized life of others but on our own.

Stop comparing yourself, because you devalue yourself, by putting into perspective and having an overview.

Surround yourself with caring people.

To love yourself is to accept yourself!

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Paola - La mia anima. Ciò che ho dentro / My soul. What I have inside

Cosa voglio mostrare con quelle foto? La mia anima. Ciò che ho dentro. Amo interpretare un personaggio. Sono decisamente adattata al drammatico, come spesso si vede nelle mie foto. Vero, cerco di mostrare la realtà, ossia quello che le persone provano...dolore, solitudine, devastazione, rabbia, tristezza.
What do I want to show with those photos? My soul. What I have inside. I love playing a character. I am definitely adapted to the dramatic, as is often seen in my photos. True, I try to show reality, that is what people feel ... pain, loneliness, devastation, anger, sadness.

Carolain - Corre por tus sueños, nada es imposible - Run for your dreams, nothing is impossible

Mi consejo para ellas es que se amen tal y como son, la belleza es muy relativa. Hoy por suerte el mundo del modelaje es muy amplio, ya no se sigue el canon de belleza.

Sino que cada modelo es bella y tiene su estilo propio.

Si realmente te gustaria ser modelo inténtalo, corre por tus sueños nada es imposible solo tienes que trabajar y construir tu propio camino.


My advice to them is to love each other as they are, beauty is very relative. Today luckily the world of modeling is very wide, the beauty canon is no longer followed.

But each model is beautiful and has its own style.

If you really want to be a model, try it, run for your dreams, nothing is impossible, you just have to work and build your own path.

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Katie Louise Rose - Love Yourself

Nude art is a way of expressing yourself in one way, it’s like creating the look and then working with that to seeing the final results on pictures and it really helps your confidence as a woman, some people would think it’s for male attention and even though that’s mainly the audience for this kind of magazine it’s not why I do this personally.

I just love creating different images.

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