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"Known as Hédia, I have been a model since 2014, currently based in Provence, having benefited from a miss year, I continued in the world of photography, accompanied by a young make-up artist (makeup artist). , I was able to realize several projects that made me appreciate this artistic environment. The photo is a well-adjusted staging between a mixture of emotions, atmosphere, personal experience, desired desires, ambitions, etc. To create an image is to give oneself, to understand the other, to appropriate oneself to one's environment, to be a master of oneself, to go beyond one's limits, to surprise oneself in order to make an image live, to make it universal. to be able to appropriate it, get lost and escape in each of its lines, this is the union of the photographer and his model ♥
Photography helped me to grow, to take a step back on myself, to understand the other. It obliges me to each new experience to fight my weaknesses to make it a strength. It pushes the acceptance of the eyes of others and to make a judgment more fair to me in order to immortalize a moment, the trust that is. "

Shae - Colombian Passion

I think that every woman is unique in her physical and intellectual characteristics.

We should not compare ourselves to that, it is a big mistake that forces us to be uncomfortable with what we are. 

Personally, before starting as a model I was very insecure and had little self-esteem, starting in this medium, opened the door to freedom of expression, to the safety and management of my body that soon captivated my thoughts and my soul. it made me feel beautiful and sexy.

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Irina - Charming South-European Girl

...I was one of them.i was really shy and felt bad about my body.

But what they should know that all of us we have something really special that makes us attractive to others.

Maybe not everybody thinks the same ....but we all are special.

Just be confident you have something different that nobody else has so that is your beauty.

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Cora - German Inked Model

Mein aller erstes Tattoo habe ich mit 17 bekommen, direkt auf dem Fuß, was sehr sehr schmerzvoll war, sodass ich währenddessen den Fuß ständig zurück ziehen musste und nicht ruhig bleiben konnte.
Das Ergebnis war sehr verwackelt.
Mittlerweile ist auf dem misslungenen Motiv ein Cover-up-Tattoo drauf.
Nach und nach kamen immer mehr Tattoos dazu; einmal angefangen, kann man wirklich schlecht damit aufhören und es fällt einem immer ein neuer Tattoowunsch ein.

Alessandra Giulia

I've started modeling when a photographer based in my town noticed me. At first, it was just a funny game. After my second shooting, I've understood that it could have been nice to take it seriously because modeling gives you amazing experiences.

Thanks to it, I had the chance to meet great professional photographers and to visit really beautiful cities, in Italy and through out Europe too.

I really love the way my life changed, and I feel blessed because thanks to modeling I have the chance to express my self.

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