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Evangeline - Femme fatale

Modèle passionnée de photo et de lingerie , décomplexée dans le nu artistique, je suis caméléon et je m’adapte filtrant aisément entre le glamour et l’élégance.

Ma recherche est avant tout de découvrir de nouveaux horizons. L ‘enchantement, se vit au quotidien!!

La photo est un art pour sublimer la femme, mettre en valeur les courbes , rendre hommage à la féminité sans vulgarité.

Cette activité est pour moi l’ occasion de me révéler de m épanouir et de m ‘affirmer femme

Le plaisir de poser.


Model passionate about photography and lingerie, uninhibited in artistic nude, I am a chameleon and I adapt easily filtering between glamor and elegance.

My research is above all to discover new horizons. The enchantment is experienced daily!!

The photo is an art to sublimate the woman, to highlight the curves, to pay homage to the femininity without vulgarity.

This activity is for me the opportunity to reveal myself to flourish and to assert myself as a woman.

The pleasure of posing.

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Since i was a kid i loved dressing up just for fun, always loved trying new things with clothes.  When I am bored I love doing something different with makeup just to take pictures and practice posing.
I have a friend that loves taking pictures of me and he is into photography. Together we have some crazy ideas, and he really supports me with modeling at the same time. 
I feel comfortable in front of camera. 
There is a lot of jealousy in this business.
That’s the only downside to this job, but over time you learn to ignore it. You should always support and succeed, and not allow people who want to bring you down to succeed.
Od malena sam se volela oblačiti samo iz zabave, volela sam isprobavati nove odjevne kombinacije. Kad mi je dosadno, volim  raditi sa šminkom samo da bih fotkala i vježbala poziranje.
Imam prijatelja koji me voli slikati i bavi se fotografijom. Zajedno imamo neke lude ideje, a on me istodobno istodobno podupire u modelingu.
Osjećam se ugodno pred kamerama.

U ovom poslu puno je ljubomore.
To je jedina mana ovog posla, ali s vremenom, naučite ignorirati. Uvijek biste trebali bodriti sebe, raditi na samopouzdanju i uspjeti, a ne dopustiti ljudima koji vas žele srušiti da uspiju.

Art of Tilo - Cheyenne

I’m Tilo Riemer, a German photographer living in the beautiful Ore Mountains in Saxony. All began with an old Praktica (East German camera) and the darkroom equipment which an old bookbinder did not need anymore. Of course, the memory of the first image that appeared in the developer tray practically out of nowhere is no longer vivid. But I know that it sent me into a state of euphoria.
Since then, photography has not let me go. Sometimes more, sometimes less. But in the meantime it has become a passion.
Each image is unique in its own way, a snapshot cast in bytes for eternity - or at least a longer time. A picture can say so much, have a different meaning for everyone. And when someone or the thing is no more, the image remains as a memory. 

Francesca - The woman is always beautiful

My name is Francesca and I live in Italy. 
I am 34 years old 
and since five years I have been a curvy model, 
with strong passion for photography 
linked to elegance, eros, and beauty of women, 
at 360 degrees  

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