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Pamela - costruisci il tuo personaggio / build your character

Ansia!!! Il mio primo social era Facebook, e io, guardavo spesso I gruppi di fotografi/modelle con le collaborazioni in TF. Mi io posso farlo?
E poi pensavo... ho la pancia, non sono alta, non sono bionda con gli occhi azzurri..( problemi che tutte noi abbiamo sempre).
Un giorno, ero al super market con mia sorella. Mi fermo' un signore dandomi il suo bigliettino da visita e mi chiese se avessi mai posato.. (Lui amava I miei lineamenti del viso). In quel momento e' scattato qualcosa dentro di sicurezza di "provare".
Mi Portai una vecchia amica la prima volta, e feci il mio primo set dentro un garage. Non fu' una bella esperienza non ero a mio io testarda come sono non mi fermai a la mia prima esperienza..continuai..

Ando' decisamente molto meglio,mi senti' a mio agio. Sembrava stessi giocando.


Anxiety!!! My first social network was Facebook, and I often looked at the groups of photographers / models with collaborations in TF. I was wondering .. but can I do it?
And then I thought ... I have a belly, I'm not tall, I'm not blonde with blue eyes .. (problems that we all always have).
One day, I was at the super market with my sister. I stopped a gentleman giving me his business card and asked me if I had ever posed .. (He loved my facial features). At that moment something inside me clicked… the certainty of "trying".
I brought in an old friend for the first time, and I did my first set in a garage. It was not a good experience I was not at ease .. but I stubborn as I am I did not stop at my first experience .. I continued ..

It definitely went much better, I felt at ease. It seemed like I was playing.

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Vanesa - budite svoji i imajte jasan cilj / be yourself and have a clear goal

Modelingom sam se počela baviti prije nekoliko mjeseci, točnije u prvom mjesecu ove godine.

Prema tome čisto sumnjam da vam mogu dati neki zlata vrijedan savjet kojeg još niste čuli, ali mogu vam reći da je važno da čime god da se bavite i što god da radite u životu budete svoji, imate jasan cilj i ne dozvolite nikome da vas u ostvarenju istoga spriječi.

I started modeling a few months ago, more precisely in the first month of this year.

So I doubt very much that I can give you some gold-worthy advice that you haven’t heard yet, but I can tell you that it’s important that whatever you do and whatever you do in life be your own, you have a clear goal and don’t let anyone in you prevent the realization of the same.

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Sara - nude art is one of the strongest and most authentic forms there can be

I am a model mainly of lingerie and nude art.

With my self-esteem it has been a chase for many years, I did not believe in myself, in my abilities,

I was ashamed of my body and those who are afraid to show themselves I can only say that we are all the most beautiful spectacle of nature with all our imperfections that they know how to make us unique.

Let us never be ashamed of who we are. Let's always love each other today a little more than yesterday.

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Lea - I didn‘t change, I just found myself

When regarding my pictures, people often say the pics impress such a calm energy, a relaxing and beautiful one and ask what's the magic behind it. 

All I can say is that i really feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera.

I trust my intuition and just move like I feel - without pretending - just beeing the way I am.

I don't like too much picture editing or too much make-up on my skin.

I like it more naturally.

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