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Shell - unique glam Alt model

I think the worst thing you can do is try to compare yourself to other models.

I’ll admit I’ve done it myself before and it’s not a good cycle to get into, putting yourself down and wishing you were more like someone else but what you need to remember is everyone is different.

Every one has there own unique look, style, flaws even and that’s what makes you the person you are. I’ve honestly over time learned to love myself exactly how I am.

One thing I love about the modelling industry is the confidence it gives you.

Confidence shows and I think it’s a really powerful thing.

Another thing I love is that you get to meet some amazing people, I’ve worked with some incredibly talented photographers who are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met, it’s brilliant.

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Philip Leighton Photography Art - Alt Model Kym Wiliams

I have been capturing images for over 5 years. in the last two years have specialized in Portrait photography. My portraits include fashion and fantasy style images.

In the last year, I have taken my images to a new level and have worked with some fantastic people and locations. I am predominately a location photographer as I feel the outdoors provides so much more scope for capturing an awesome image. I love to work with people who are fun, have a great personality and awesome look.





Kym Wiliams




Gutter Phenomenon

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Kirstie - Be a one of a kind model. Be you.

I would say make sure you go into it with a strong and open mind.

There will always be models prettier than you or more experienced.

Just don’t try to be like them, try to be like you because that’s what makes you different and that’s what makes you stand out from the rest.

Be a one of a kind model. Be you.

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Kasandra - Accept yourself the way you are

Jeder körper ist unterschiedlich aber das ist auch gut so.

Wichtig ist,dass du dich selbst akzeptierst,so wie du bist.

Denn so hat dich Gott gemacht. Und Genau so bist du perfekt.

Ich dachte am anfang auch mein körper ist seit der schwangerschaft hässlich,doch als ich die ersten bilder gesehen habe,habe ich bemerkt dass ich trotz allem wunderschön bin.

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