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Modeling is not only a question of Beauty and body. I have some wonderful Colleagues who represent the "Plus size" Models, even "Inked" they are for me just amazing.

Modeling is a question of emotions, of passion. If they like photography, if they like to create, if they like people, if they accept to forget all our bad society rules, bad peoples and focus on the good ones they will be able to do exceptional things. Just work hard, work hard, and the rest will come.


Can you tell us about your roots, about growing up. 

I 'm french, i was born close to Paris and spent 17 years there for finally move To Grenoble for my father new job. But i had a strong Britanny culture education cause of my grand parents and my mother. i spent all my chillhood holidays close to the ocean with Celtic music in my head (lol)

What was your childhood / teenage dream? What did you wanna to become? 

Oh... I was a normal little girl, without expectations finally. My parents taught me to live the present day but to work hard. That's what I did.

Any idols during the teenage period? 

Oh yes sure a lot, Michael Jackson for example. David Bowie...

When did you start with modeling? Can you recall your first photo session? 

Yes, it was 12 years ago, for some photographers after a workshop that I booked for improve my new camera. Teachers asked me to come for posing for a portrait session but I was a photographer, I came for making them pleasure. I was so embarrassed, so shy...(lol) 

Alternative model. Do you consider yourself as an Alt model? 

Noooo...(lol) i'm a classic model i think, i'm not too "inked" for pretend to represent the alternative world actually...i'm too classic. 

I love all my "inK Models" Colleagues they are amazing.

First tattoo. What was the feeling? How many tats do you have now? 

I Have 10 pieces today, the first was my Celtic triskell at the back of my neck. i was happy and already focus on the next one... (lol) 

What do those tattoos mean to you? 

They are all a piece of my life, a piece of me, my travels, photography, roots, education... 



Most challenging photo session so far? 

My last challenging photo session was In the south of France with James Doe and Coralie Memento i was hanging under a bridge, but I'm getting dizzy for 2 years. They don't know it (lol)... I love them so I just said yes (lol)   

We must try to fight our phobias! 

You are into implied nude /nude art photos too. Can you explain to our reader's nude art from your point of view? 

Actually It's a hard work to assume and live the life of a model who accept to pose naked for some projects or contracts,even if we are in 2018. It's a pity but so true. We are born naked right ? 

First I have no problem with nudity, i'm good with myself... after Christmas time i'm finally not totally sure (lol)   

Second, I have nothing to hide and I trust people even if sometimes you have bad experiences, or people who try to abuse it's not easy.

I really think that to defend and represent the nude art you need to be honest, authentic, confident and generous for show it well.

You have done a photo session with another alt girl. What was the experience, what was a theme of the photo session? 

I did many GG shootings in 10 years, it's always nice to be contacted for these kind of shooting and to share the composition with a woman. Theme are always focus on boudoir, lingerie, sensual. 

Anyway not more for me, I'm too shy (lol)


What kind of art, in general, do you like? 

I love the humanistic photography. I photography too.

I love portraits, they are to me more intimist, more personal than a nude photography. With the eyes, you can not cheat. 

Any hobbies? 

Yes, I have, so much, I love to swim and run like in my life. I love photography, and I love music, it takes me away, I'm super sensitive to music.  

plans for 2018?

My first exhibition as a photographer in Berlin. Men's Portraits around Europe. #menofnowadays 

And a lot of new projects and modeling contracts. Show must go on (lol)


 Social media accounts so people can see your work.




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