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 What would be your advice to young girls who would like to start alt modeling career? 

Just go for it! 

1, Do not be fooled by these old men with money, who just want to see you naked. 

2, Do not let anyone push your boundaries! 

3, If you’re collaborating make it clear what you want from the shoot, how many edits you will get and always pick them. 

4, Always trust your gut feeling. 

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Marie - live your passion fully

I even advise all women to do it, it helps to accept yourself.

I would say to these young girls to live their passion fully.

Being a model is not my job, but it's a passion that helps me today, even after 4 years of experience, to gain self-confidence. Everyone does not care about your measurements, if you have something to prove to yourself do it.

You know every woman has complexes and is never satisfied.

To all these women I want to say to them: You are beautiful.

You are strong. You can do it.

This is the advice that I would like to hear for me, it is always easier to give than to apply them.

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Molly - everybody has the right to feel beautiful

I love implied nude and nude photography the body is a beautiful thing.

It’s taken me a long time to appreciate the body I have and I think everybody should feel comfortable in their own skin, and if you want to enhance yourself through surgery then DO IT!!!

I think everybody has the right to feel beautiful and you have to love yourself first!

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