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You are beautiful- Embrace being unique. People are going to say mean things. As soon as something ruffles feathers they always do. Let it go!

Set goals for yourself, manifest them, believe in them.

Get uncomfortable- go to those casting calls. Send that email. YOU have to believe in yourself.

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 I think to showing my body it's a kind of feminist movement.
I like when my photos are sexy, hot and provocative.
I'm not the classical type of model...but I have some specials. This have every woman.
You don't need to operate can just be cool and hot exactly as you are...
It's not like a miss contest-where you have a concuration ...
It's more to give power, and self confidence for girls. 

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I officially started modeling in January 2018. It’s actually A photographer contacted me on instagram saying he loved my work as a MUA and he saw in me the potential to be model because I had beautiful features. Following several exchanges, we shot for the first time on January 21st. I loved my experience and especially the connection I had with Ricky Elie, my photographer. Since then, I've decided to start my career as Plus size Model and to embrace my curvy body. My first shoot was in 2016, my cousin needed models to build his portfolio of photographs. I shot with him, I loved it but I did not have enough self-confidence to start a career as a model at that time.

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