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Paula - modeling, health, life

I believe confidence comes from having inner peace and being satisfied with ourselves. None of us is perfect and that’s exactly what makes us human.

We need to love our body even if it’s not perfect. Of course, we can try to develop it and makes our body look better, however, we are human and there are limits to what we can achieve.

In addition, it is very important to find a supportive environment and to avoid negativity.

We are like trees, if we are in the right soil then we can grow and flourish. Finding the right soil is like finding the right environment. Things start small then they grow.

Don’t expect to get everything right the first time. It is a process and we shall learn from it.

Accepting those elements will boost confidence, I believe.   

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Amy - be yourself and own it!

I love being explicit, it’s a massive confidence booster! I make my own rules and stand by my boundaries creating a safe environment for myself.

I feel so sexy when I do it but even more so I feel empowered.

In total control of my own body and mind and fully in charge of the situation.

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Sofia - futura superestrella del modelaje / future modeling superstar

Trabajar la confianza en uno mismo es Lo primordial para una modelo. es lo que la hace destacar en pasarela y en un shooting de fotos, estar segura de una misma, amarse y caminar con seguidad resaltará tu presencia y te dará la personalidad que necesitas para que tu trabajo destaque.

Building self-confidence is paramount for a model. is what makes her stand out on the catwalk and in a photoshoot, being sure of yourself, loving yourself, and walking safely will highlight your presence and give you the personality you need to make your work stand out.

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Moony - being nude is art / estar desnuda es arte

Estar desnuda frente a la cámara antes era u a sensación rara de mucha vergüenza pero ahora es algo muy natural. 
Prefiero estar completamente desnuda, es cuando soy más yo y conecto con el arte de la fotografía.
Being naked in front of the camera before it was or felt rare of much shame but now it is very natural.
I prefer to be completely naked, it is when I am more and with the art of photography.

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