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 I studied film directing, as I think it would tremendously help me to be a better actor, and it's good to see the whole thing from another angle. I loved work with students on short films, UCLA really made us a big family. Sometimes, we got to make short films with the same scripts, it was so interesting to see everyone's film turned out to be so different. Thanks to my UCLA studies, I have two films in the film festival, "Forget to Remember" and "Wine Not". They were based on my previous relationships. My friends always say that I am like Taylor Swift in films.


  1. Can you tell us about your roots, about growing up?

I born and raised in Guangzhou, China. Being the only child, I have all the attention and love from my parents. My dad sent me to the best school and tutors in town, so I could be the best student in school. Like most chinese family, I am expected to have a stable job with good income. And my dad always wants me to be an engineer like him.  I ended up not doing what he wanted me to do, but he is happy that I am happy.

I studied Bachelor of Commerce in Perth, Australia and just finished Film Directing at UCLA.


  1. What was your childhood / teenage dream? What did you wanna to become?

 I want to be a singer, actor or a business owner.


  1. Any idols during the teenage period?

Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears. I used to put on their CDs after school and sang along.


     4. When did you start with modeling? Can you recall your first photo session?

 It's funny that I found my first photo session on Craigslist in China. It was not only my first photo session but also the photographer taught me to use model mayhem and all the tools for a beginner model. At that time, I just loved the idea of modeling, but it actually got me into the industry. I was lucky to meet my first photographer.



      5. When you become interested in acting.

 I got a job as a model/intern in an American-owned studio in the Philippines a few years ago. The studio was like a mini Hollywood, where they produce movies, reality shows, and photo shoots. I got to go to their film school and also worked on set as a producer. All these new things were so fascinated to me. I gained heaps of hands-on experience and always love acting since I was a kid. I decided to move to the real Hollywood. Life is just like a snowball taking me to the right place.


    6. Favorite movies / actors / actresses / directors ?

Favorite movie: Mulholland Drive. I guess I like movies I don't understand fully. Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio  Actress: Keira Knightley   Director: Alfred Hitchcock

   7. What would be your advice to young girls who would like to start modeling career?

Same thing about acting - advice for the beginners. Follow your dreams! Keep working on your craft and you will find the path.


    8. What kind of art, in general, do you like?

I like contemporary art, so I like going to the Art Walk DTLA in the summer.


    9. Any hobbies?

Meditation, Martial art, Beach, Movie, Hiking, Concerts.

     10. plans for the rest of 2018?

I am planning to shoot my short film "Vintage" in California and China. I got the idea when I was writing  "Wine Not" when I was writing it. It's inspired by the unconditional love from my parents, or I just ran out of ex bfs to write about. And will be focusing on acting pretty much.



Social media 

Instagram: @miohu

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