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Kirstie - Be a one of a kind model. Be you.

I would say make sure you go into it with a strong and open mind.

There will always be models prettier than you or more experienced.

Just don’t try to be like them, try to be like you because that’s what makes you different and that’s what makes you stand out from the rest.

Be a one of a kind model. Be you.


  1. Can you tell us about your roots, about growing up?

 My parents split when I was just 3 years old, I lived with my mum weekdays in Birmingham UK, and spent the weekends with my dad and grandparents in a quiet town called Solihull. Mum and Dad both moved on and now I have 2 lovely step-parents and a little sister.  I always enjoyed the weekends, my grandpa has always been my best friend. We would spend Saturday afternoons baking together (usually chocolate cakes and ginger biscuits) which my big sister took no time in eating by the end of Sunday night! My mums side were always wild, she liked to party and always have a laugh, whilst my dads side were humble and loving - but I would never change them. They have made me who I am today, I can be fun and wild but also extremely caring and sensitive. I guess I am lucky in some ways, as I have 2 family’s now. 

  1. What was your childhood / teenage dream? What did you wanna to become?

 My first dream was to be a zoologist, I’ve always loved animals and it seemed like the most well paid job involving them that I could think of at the age of 10. However, this dream soon fizzled when I realized you have to be extremely good at science and I couldn’t stand the subject. After this realization, I turned my dream into becoming a hairdresser, and one day hoping to own my own salon, I actually started to peruse this dream. I worked in 3 salons, the last one being Toni&Guy, I was training to be a stylish and things were heading in the right direction…. Until one night I had 1 too many drinks and fell off a window breaking both of my wrists. I was then told by a nurse that if I were to continue hairdressing I would risk getting severe arthritis in my wrists at a young age. I never went back to hairdressing, I do the odd trim for friends/family.  I would still love to run a business (especially a salon)


  1. Any idols during the teenage period?

I’ve always loved Ed Sheeran, I followed his music from the very start of his career when he was making YouTube videos and busking on streets. He is so down to earth and humble and his songs have always been held in my heart. He is a beautiful soul and such an inspiration. These days I don’t find his music what it used to be, but I will always go back and listen to his album ‘+’ and reminisce. He’s always inspired to me to stick to my roots, no matter what direction my life takes. 

  1. When did you start with modeling? Can you recall your first photo session?

I’ve only been modeling for around 6 months, so I’m still fairly new to it. I did model for the salons I worked at every now and then so that gave me a little experience in it I guess. I remember my first shoot, it was with a photographer named Gareth Welch whom I have worked with a number of times since. I was extremely nervous (& excited )  but Gaz was so reassuring and quickly calmed me down and made me feel at ease – it’s so important to have that connection with photographers, and I was so lucky to have gaz for my first shoot. He’s been my rock throughout my journey becoming a model. You can check out his work - @gwvis

  1. Alternative model. Do you consider yourself as an Alt model?

I am slightly alternative but I wouldn’t 100% say I'm Alt, I love to change my hair colour and tattoos are slowly becoming an addiction.  I love wearing different styles, fashion is something I love and so far I’ve styled every shoot I’ve done.


  1. First tattoo. What was the feeling?

 I got my first tattoo at 17, I begged and begged my mum for one and she always said no. I planned anyway, what I would get, where I would get it. I decided on a swallow, on my wrist – in my teens I went through hard times and the swallow was a sign of new beginnings. I told my mum the meaning of this tattoo and how much it meant to me and she eventually said yes! And so it began. I was more excited than nervous, it was actually over really quickly and it’s one of my favourite tattoos.

  1. Meaning of your tats ?

 They don’t all have meanings but I try to keep all my tattoos nature related:

Swallow: the new beginning

Crescent moons (2): the moon has always made me feel peaceful so I wanted it on me.

OM symbol: a sacred sound and symbol of Hinduism

Lotus flower: symbolizes ultimate perfection and purity.

Sunflower: my favourite flower.

Egyptian cat: I LOVE cats, my mum has 7 but I didn’t just want a normal cat so I got one with wings!

Stag: strength & power


  1. Fashion. Can you tell us your favorite style and what is IN & OUT for 2018 when it comes to girls fashion?

 All things sparkly and fluffy and pink! Also, things are going very back in time this year and I am here for it! Baggy mom jeans, polo necks, combats, Leopard print. I’m pretty much up for any style when it comes to fashion- just not those high vis festival jackets and trousers, seriously why would you buy those. 

  1. You are a video journalist. Tell us more about that.

Basically, when I’m not in front of a camera, I’m sat at a desk watching other people in front of a camera getting up to all sorts. Videos of people playing pranks, videos of insane wildlife encounters, videos of inspirational life stories. Basically all those videos you watch on Facebook all day – I help find and supply those!


  1. What do you think about lingerie / implied nude/artsy nude photography?

I've never done any of those, but I don’t knock anyone who does! I think it’s an incredible and brave and strong thing for both male and female models to do. Especially in today’s time, so many “perfect” models on social media, I love seeing different sizes and shapes modeling nude and making their own vision of perfection. 

  1. What would be your advice to young girls who would like to start modeling career?

I would say make sure you go into it with a strong and open mind. There will always be models prettier than you or more experienced. Just don’t try to be like them, try to be like you because that’s what makes you different and that’s what makes you stand out from the rest. Be a one of a kind model. Be you.


  1. What kind of art, in general, do you like?

 I love oil paintings, they’re so enticing. I appreciate all art, I think walking around an art museum is one of my favourite things to do.

  1. Any hobbies?

If cleaning is a hobby.. then cleaning and tidying! I love the feeling after I’ve tidied or rearranged something. I feel like I’ve done something really productive.


  1. plans for the rest of 2018

I’m going to Amsterdam very soon to celebrate my 21st birthday! I’m also competing in Miss Midlands 2018 in November. I have lots of shoots planned, and hoping to qualify in marketing as part of my journalist role. Other than that, I want to spend as much time with family and friends as possible.


  1. Social media accounts so people can see your work.

Instagram @kirstiesophia

Twitter @s4nflower