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Sassy yet classy - Luca's Art

I have always had some sort of camera in the house, from a disposable to a point and shoot, and then to a DSLR, but I suddenly decided around 4 years ago to pick up my nephews Lego figures and create some cool pictures for their rooms, i had always enjoyed taking pictures at family gatherings and wherever I went, so this was an opportunity to get creative and try something different!

Lego soon led to portraits and I always enjoyed taking images of people and always looked for that connection between the subject and my camera. My more intimate work came from a friend seeing my portrait work and wanted to celebrate her weightless, so… this is where it all began, a boudoir session and a few edits later, I had my first set. 

I have been shooting in a studio for approximately 14 months and enjoy how I can manipulate light and shadow for different tones for my images. I always enjoy how I need to be creative in order to keep ideas fresh and also stand out from the amazing photographers that are out there.

My aim is not only to find and capture a connection but to empower and instill confidence in people. We all have our insecurities, but we must remember that we are all amazing and I hope I can help remind people of this.


Instagram: @laintimatephotography

Model Demi: @demi_apryl