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  • Marcella - the most important thing is to be yourself

    Marcella - the most important thing is to be yourself

    Io non ho paura del giudizio delle persone perché so come sono io e non mi interessa ciò che potrebbe pensare la gente.

    Chi mi conosce sa come sono.

    Per quanto riguarda un consiglio penso la cosa più importante e essere se stessi fare solo ciò che uno si sente di fare ,la fotografia e arte e va presa per tale,ce chi dipinge e c'è chi fotografa.

    I am not afraid of people's judgment because I know what I am and I don't care what people might think.

    Who knows me knows how I am.

    As for advice, I think the most important thing is to be yourself, do only what one feels like doing, photography is the art and must be taken as such, there are those who paint and there are those who photograph.

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  • Cocoo - Classy, brave, inspirational

    Cocoo - Classy, brave, inspirational

    Je suis une modèle avec handicap qui est peu visible.
    Après un arrêt de 6 mois pour soigner un cancer, j'ai repris la photo en 2016 pour reprendre confiance en moi.
    L'après cancer est un combat social, professionnel mais surtout psychologique et physique, de poser m'a permis d' accepter ce nouveau corps avec ses meurtrissures, ses douleurs et ses séquelles.
    Je veux transmettre aux femmes qu'elles sont toutes belles par leurs âmes, leurs allures, leurs personnalités, peu importe leurs morphologies ou leurs âges
    Nous devons nous aimer tel que nous sommes, avec nos défauts, rondeurs, cicatrices, soyons body positive.

    I am a model with a handicap that is hardly visible.
    After a 6-month of my life, so I can treat cancer, I took the photo again in 2016 to regain self-confidence.
    Post-cancer is a social, professional but above all psychological and physical fight, to ask allowed me to accept this new body with its bruises, its pains, and its after-effects.
    I want to convey to women that they are all beautiful by their souls, their gaits, their personalities, regardless of their morphologies or their ages
    We must love ourselves as we are, with our faults, roundness, scars, let's be body positive.

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  • Stefina - being in front of the camera makes me feel alive

    Stefina - being in front of the camera makes me feel alive

    Ho iniziato a fare fotografia circa 2 anni fa e non ho mai smesso perché state davanti ad un fotografo mi fa sentire viva, bene con me stessa.

    I started taking photography about 2 years ago and I never stopped because being in front of a photographer makes me feel alive, well with myself.

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  • Art by StellaGlamour

    Art by StellaGlamour

    My name is Roy Schnabel. 
    I live in Chemnitz ( Germany) and am of Hungarian descent.
    I have been practicing photography for about  6 years and for one year as a sideline.
    It started with "lost places" and landscapes.
    But I quickly realized that I am interested in photographing people because I like to work and talk with them.
    Always motivates me, when I can customers or models with my work. 


Photography GRANT DELIN

Published 04/11/16, Interview Magazine 

I think it was the critic and filmmaker Rod Lurie who once said of Oliver Stone that he has made two of the greatest films of all time and two of the worst—which means he is the director with the world's biggest balls. There is a little room for debate in there, if only on the numbers.

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