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Vicky - never stop dreaming

By UAN have to become a good and really wanted model. You need to gain the experience not only for the good looking in front of the cameras but also for understanding and good knowledge in people...

As any girl, I wanted to become a model since I was a child, and of course I did my best to reach this target, by visiting model agencies and castings, also was working on myself. There were many offers, but since I did not want to become only a model, but to do other stuff as well like work, study and develop myself I had to reject the Model agency offers.


No matter what, I kept on going and participating in photo shootings and fashion shows. Thanks to this are I started to get noticed by different photographers and was receiving many invitations to visit their countries, and I met many interesting people. I am really happy that I had this opportunity, thanks to this photo session I became a professional traveling model. I am working on my own without being attached to any model agencies.


Of course, I had and still have idols, where one of them is Victoria’s secret angels. I am really fascinated regarding their fashion shows, sometimes I think that my heart stays and stops for a moment when I am watching their fashion shows. In my childhood, I had a big dream to take a part in Victoria’s secret fashion show.

My first photo shooting took a place in college when I was 16 years old. There I was learning to become a textile designer, and one of the girls who was on the last course had a graduate work, she was creating the dresses on four models, where one of the was me. We had a photo session and I a catwalk in these dresses. The photo session took a place in Riga old town. That was my first experience in a professional fashion show and photo shooting, and I had to admit that it was really fun and I also really enjoyed it. Actually, this was the spot where my professional work took a place in this industry.

My favorite place for the photo shoot is New York, I really adore this city, it is wonderful and I really love it.
In the future, I would like to have more photo shootings for magazine covers or commercials. At this moment this all is mixed with photo shootings of different types.

For me nude art was something naked and covered in the same time, I do not like the photo where every single spot is visible because in this case all the intrigue is lost. It is not interesting when you can see everything, much more interesting is when something is hidden from your eyes.

I would like to suggest the young girls not to chase the money, but try to reach the experience and professionalism in this industry. For first you have to become a good and really wanted model. You need to gain the experience not only for the good looking in front of the cameras but also for understanding and good knowledge in people. Because there are so many people out there who would like to cheat on you. Working as the model looks simple only if you are not familiar with it, in real life, it is really hard work not only physically but also morally. No matter what never stop dreaming, because everything is possible and dreams do become true.

I like everything that can be called an art, and I don’t have any specifics in it.
Actually, working as a model is my hobby, I also do like to do sports and I always try to share my time on it when it is possible. Drawing is one of my favorite things to do but for that, I need an inspiration.

My plans for the year 2017 are really big, I would like to do more traveling’s which are connected with working as the model also reach my own small and big dreams.


Instagram: @justvickit
ModelMayhem: Vicky