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Arlenys Collado

“Don’t give up,

always keep pushing forward, 

because one day, only the right

door will be wide open for you.”

Arlenys Collado




Actress, Director, and Model was born on the Island of the Dominican Republic.

Growing up she felt drawn to the arts in acting, dancing and at the same time, she was influenced by many martial arts movies which led her at the age of 9 years old to begin training in Tae Kwon Do.
At the age of 13 she moves to New York with her family and there she continued to pursue her career as an actress.

Along the way, she discovered a new adventure in the field of modeling. She began by performing in several theatrical
performances, such as fashion shows and beauty pageants.


After graduating from high school, because of her passion for acting and her interest in working with actors, she decided to take her career further and in 2014
moved to Los Angeles California where she would then complete her degree as a film and TV director.



As of 2017, she completed her first short-documentary film based on the Tavis Smiley show which previously aired every night on PBS. She is currently working
on her first feature documentary-film “Viral Victim” based on a vicious crime committed on a 14-year-old for entertainment purposes, which is expected to be
released in 2019.


For this young 24 years old woman her dreams and most importantly her faith are her strongest weapons in life. This is where she gains her strength to be able to keep pushing forward.



In 2017 she adopted her new love, “Foxy”. Her lovely and energetic doggie.

She feels the two of them were meant to be together because despite what they both have faced in life they are both two warriors always fighting for what they want.


 “I believe that giving up is never an option. No matter how many trials and mountains you need to face you must keep moving forward, despite the pain,
struggles or those giants that stand in your way. A Loser is not the one who fails but he/she who decides to quit and give up when life gets rough.”
Arlenys Collado

Social media: 

Instagram: Arly

Facebook: Arlenys Collado





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