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Mike Austin - raw powerful urban style photography

I am Mike Austin an English part-time published model photographer with over 15 years of experience. 

I cover most styles, both studio and on location. Photography is a passion of mine, one that grows stronger over the years, capturing beautiful and creative images, particularly focusing more recently on alternative and urban fashion styles with some amazing results.  Originally based in Bristol In the UK, but now living just outside Tavistock in the lovely Tamar Valley, between Devon and Cornwall, in England.

During the past 15 years, I have covered styles from basic fashion and portraiture, through to Commercial, pinup, wedding, vintage, and alternative

and also boudoir and creative art nude with over 1000 shoots to date and a broad background portfolio to match.



I am always looking for new challenges and concepts in respect to model photography and combine this with  meeting new models to work with,

as well as of course continuing to work with others on a routine basis, creating images that trigger both thought, curiosity, and a story. 

I am always keen to avoid over-editing images, as I feel the best images are those with minimal manipulation, which is why,

in particular, I prefer more recently to focus more on raw powerful urban styles of image.