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Art of Kayleigh Williams

For me, getting involved with portraiture started with me attending a few local networking events with some friends as I never had the confidence to go alone. However, as the more shoots I got into, the more comfortable I became with working with different people. This leads onto now, I’m constantly pushing myself everyday to jump on any and every opportunity I can, in order to allow my skills to grow and focus on this part of photography I’ve fallen in love with. But most importantly, it has given me the opportunity to meet a lot of fantastic people who I have already started planning future shoots with.

Kayleigh Williams

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Mollie Amelia - Be true and be you

The best piece of advice from me would be “Don't ever think that anything makes you not good enough to be a model”. I’m still finding my feet and I stumble sometimes but nothing should stop you from wanting to do something! I’ve been very lucky but once upon a time, I was a different person. I had no confidence, self belief and would never have been comfortable enough to model, remember to be yourself and never let anyone change that! Be true and be you.

In the words of Ru Paul “if you can’t love yourself, then how in the hell, you gonna love somebody else!”

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Jade Alexia - I wanna encourage other women to be a model if they want to

Pin up style is typically retro fashion. It can also include lingerie and be more boudoir. Typically, Pin Up shoots are very feminine with lots of glamour, class, and, if you are like me, red lipstick is a must. Pin Up models in the US are historically known for being posters that men had while they were away at war. Now, Pin Up has became a great way for women to creatively express themselves. I love that the Pin Up community is so welcoming to models of all looks and body types. I model Freelance. I completely do it myself and I wanna encourage other women to do this if they want to. Nothing has to hold you back and you don't have to meet other peoples standards for body types or looks

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Tanja - Inked German Beauty

Mit sich im reinen sein,sich zu lieben, sich treu zu bleiben sind grundsätzliche Dinge die ein Modell haben sollte dann steht nichts mehr im Wege seine Ziele zu erreichen.

Being pure, loving each other, staying true to oneself are basic things that should have a model, then there is nothing left to achieve your goals. 

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Spoochy - Jewel from Philippines

Be bold and confident. 

Enjoy every photo shoot.

Take out the emotions and speak out to the camera.

Don't expect for too much and always be humble.

Love your self everyday and your pictures will speak that self love.

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