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Samm Lynn

My first nude shoot gave me many mixed feelings & I actually didn’t like it at first.

I just couldn’t help but pick out every flaw in every picture being I was so insecure for so long but I decided to give it another try & learned not to hate the details individually but to love my body as a whole.

After realizing my beauty, modeling nude has only boosted my confidence more with each & every shoot.

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Cammie Cooper

I started modeling as an adult.  It's a misconception that you should be in your teens to start modeling. 
There is no such thing as being too old to pursue a dream.  There are models in their 30s (like myself) and 40s and beyond, working and making a nice paycheck. 
In my teens, with a friend as the photographer, I would do practice photo sessions, being silly and practicing posing. 
Practice makes perfect!
My first professional photo session, I was VERY nervous. 
Thankfully the other women were very positive and made me feel comfortable. 
They helped to make me feel comfortable and gave me some great tips. 
Your confidence exudes in your photos.

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Art nude photography to me is about shapes; the focus is not on the attractiveness or sexual appeal of the subject. 

Using the human form as you would with any other medium to create an idea or convey emotion.

Similar to body painting; the nudity is not the focus the final product is.

Clothing can create stereotypes, judgments and distraction.

We are all human naked.

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My advice for young girls wanting to model would be if you want it, work for it and you can have it.

That not only applies to modeling but with life in general. Modeling is a hard industry to get into. You either have to have “the look” or be well connected to really make it to the top.

It takes a lot of time, hard work and patience to be a model. It took me years to finally meet the right person to jumpstart my career in modeling and at times I wanted to give up because I wasn’t seeing progress.

I’m glad I didn’t give up on my dream to be a model because it’s truly my passion. If you’re willing to put in the work and keep pushing through even when it gets tough, you will make it. It’s not going to happen overnight but once you get to a certain level in your career it’ll only motivate you to go harder until you get to the top. 

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