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Estrella - simple and perfect / Sencilla y perfecta

Es importante entender que, hagas lo que hagas, la gente siempre tendrá una opinión sobre ti y lo que haces. Nuestra seguridad y autoestima no debe depender de otras personas sino de ti misma. Cuando yo comencé lo hice sin pensar y preocuparme por lo que dirían los demás, yo sabía que quería hacerlo, eso era suficiente. Y luego cuando vi los resultados de esas sesiones y me encantó lo que vi, quise compartirlo y así lo hice, sin agobiarme por opiniones ajenas, pues sé que lo que importaba era lo que yo sentía.

It is important to understand that whatever you do, people will always have an opinion about you and what you do. Our security and self-esteem should not depend on other people but on ourselves. When I started I did it without thinking and worrying about what others would say, I knew I wanted to do it, that was enough. And then when I saw the results of those sessions and I loved what I saw, I wanted to share it and I did so, without being overwhelmed by other people's opinions because I know that what mattered was what I felt.

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Mike Austin - raw powerful urban style photography

I am Mike Austin an English part-time published model photographer with over 15 years of experience. 

I cover most styles, both studio and on location. Photography is a passion of mine, one that grows stronger over the years, capturing beautiful and creative images, particularly focusing more recently on alternative and urban fashion styles with some amazing results.  Originally based in Bristol In the UK, but now living just outside Tavistock in the lovely Tamar Valley, between Devon and Cornwall, in England.

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Paula - modeling, health, life

I believe confidence comes from having inner peace and being satisfied with ourselves. None of us is perfect and that’s exactly what makes us human.

We need to love our body even if it’s not perfect. Of course, we can try to develop it and makes our body look better, however, we are human and there are limits to what we can achieve.

In addition, it is very important to find a supportive environment and to avoid negativity.

We are like trees, if we are in the right soil then we can grow and flourish. Finding the right soil is like finding the right environment. Things start small then they grow.

Don’t expect to get everything right the first time. It is a process and we shall learn from it.

Accepting those elements will boost confidence, I believe.   

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Amy - be yourself and own it!

I love being explicit, it’s a massive confidence booster! I make my own rules and stand by my boundaries creating a safe environment for myself.

I feel so sexy when I do it but even more so I feel empowered.

In total control of my own body and mind and fully in charge of the situation.

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