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Lucilla - art by MANCINELLIPH


Stefano Mancinelli

Actor and photographer.

He sees the photographic art as exploration.

He likes to emphasize the beauty and feminine elegance.

Portfolio: stexmancinelli




Instagram: Lucilla.Celsi

I've always loved the idea of being completely me, and never what others expect Me to be. 

I love artificial beauty, the idea of artifice and dressing up, and makeup and hair and glamour’s just so feminine. 

I like when people know, and love, who they are, know their limitations and their potential, and what they want to do. It's the same thing for me. I love the idea of being whoever I wanted to be and express myself at every stage of my life. 

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Amanda Kee

In the end, my favorites will probably always be the more alternative ones with the really unique costumes and outfits.

It was the reason why I started after all.

I do like to vary it up though, so things don't get too repetitive.

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I'm a petite model. At 5'4" without the greatest complexion and inverted hips as well as little titties, these curvy models would be surprised at how girls like us yearn to be girls like them.

I've seen models who carry their scars into the modeling world with pride to show the world that perfection is a myth and we need to embrace all of our flaws.

Turn them into art.

It's what I do, and even though I'll probably never see a runway in my entire life, it seems to be working out just fine for me.

You're beautiful!

Don't forget it.

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