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Molly - everybody has the right to feel beautiful

I love implied nude and nude photography the body is a beautiful thing.

It’s taken me a long time to appreciate the body I have and I think everybody should feel comfortable in their own skin, and if you want to enhance yourself through surgery then DO IT!!!

I think everybody has the right to feel beautiful and you have to love yourself first!

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Shani Rose - Model Mom

I can’t believe I’m going to have my 4rth child, it’s crazy! I’m a divorced mom of 3 kids, so I do get breaks.

I miss them a lot when they are not with me. I stay busy by modeling and being a homemaker. I have a lot of anxiety so It’s hard for me to sit still unless I’m sick.

When I’m with my kids I try to not to plan a lot of shoots when they are here.

Sometimes, when I do have a shoot and I’m traveling, I will bring them with me.

It’s fun for them. My kids love staying in hotels, it’s like a mini vacation for them! I try to find hobbies and fun activities when they are visiting me.

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