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Alessandra Giulia

I've started modeling when a photographer based in my town noticed me. At first, it was just a funny game. After my second shooting, I've understood that it could have been nice to take it seriously because modeling gives you amazing experiences.

Thanks to it, I had the chance to meet great professional photographers and to visit really beautiful cities, in Italy and through out Europe too.

I really love the way my life changed, and I feel blessed because thanks to modeling I have the chance to express my self.

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Happy New Year with Lya

It is up to you to make that you want. Pursue your dreams.

Choose, please, your photographers and think all the same in your projects (to where the aim to be to try the experience (experiment)!

What are your limits which you give yourselves?

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Lindy X

Just get yourself out there and don’t be scared of what other people think!

You can either try to get in touch with an agency or just do a portfolio building photo shoot to start with and build from that!

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Meg Marie

I love doing implied/artful nudes. My view of what an implied photo is a photo where nudity is suggested, but the viewer is uncertain.

This allows the viewer to imagine what they would be seeing.

Artful nudes are a little different.

They focus more on the body with emphasis on the body's form, emotion, & composition.

Both concepts are absolutely amazing to do! But my personal favorite has to be the artful nudes.

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Andrea Allio's Art - Maze Angra

Espagnole ,prof de Fitness ,sportive ,j’ai commencé la photo il y a environ 2 ans et c’est devenu une passion comme la musculation que je pratique en parallèle. 

Spanish, fitness teacher, sports, I started the picture about 2 years ago and it became a passion as bodybuilding that I practice in parallel.