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Lydia - Los Angeles 2021 Pride Queen

How you represent yourself to the world and what you want from others must be consistent. For example, if you dress like a woman but don't want people to label you trans, you must act like a woman.
I don't care how other people perceive us; we can't change that. However, how we feel about ourselves is more important than how we feel about others. We spend all of our time in our own heads. Before you can be friends with other people, you must first be your own best friend. Love yourself first, then love others.

Los Angeles Pride Festival - Valentina Ignacia - Miss Trans Star Chile 2020

El 27 de diciembre del 2019 comenzó a regir en Chile la aprobada Ley de identidad de género, que consiste en modificar nuestra partida de nacimiento, con un nuevo nombre y el "sexo" el cual te identificas.
Sólo podemos realizarlo mayores de 18 años y niños de 14 años, éstos últimos con autorización de sus padres . Aun no hay leyes que penalicen la transfobia ni menos seguros médicos o inserción laboral aun ni hablar.
Todo es reciente y en mi opinión, acabamos de comenzar a visibilizar la comunidad trans, asi también toda la comunidad lgbtiq+. Queda mucho por lograr. 
On December 27, 2019, the approved Gender Identity Law began to take effect in Chile, which consists of modifying our birth certificate, with a new name and the "sex" which you identify yourself with. We can only do it over 18 years of age and children of 14 years, the latter with permission from their parents. There are still no laws that criminalize transphobia, or even less health insurance or job placement, not even talking. Everything is recent and in my opinion, we have just started to make the trans community visible, as well as the entire LGBTQ + community. Much remains to be achieved.

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Hi I’m Elizabeth, I am a woman and a Latina, and also transgender, i am a triple minority. The struggles I endure in my journey make me a stronger kinder individual, with that I see everyone as equal and treat everyone the same never judge anyone by their looks. I am a fighter and will continue to fight everyday of my life to be myself. I want to help others in anyway I can, even if it’s just spreading positivity. Many people have put me down for who I am or didn’t think I had it in me, but I surprised them, I’m much stronger then they thought. One thing I have to say and hope you take after reading this is “Be kind to others and humble yourself, love yourself and remember everything is possible if you push yourself”. 

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Lisa Belle

« Feminity is not about your body or face. It’s a state of mind...

And a lot of others keys and tips that will add one to each other, make you a feminine person chic and sexy »

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