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Miss Trans Star International Chile - Fabiana Andrea Tobar

   My name is Andrea Tobar I am Chilean represent my country in the contest miss trans star international that was held last year in Spain Barcelona my time in the contest was a wonderful experience where I met really amazing people with different stories for each living the same problems that I hate discrimination rejection problems that Trans people have since we are born or we decided to make our change is the lack of information especially in legal and health institutions





The contest is to make visible our collective t give to know the world that we are people as valuable and respectable as any other I am currently in my country participating in different activities where to be able to visualize a more is a difficult road but I know that I will get the support of different organizations such as movhil and faces known internationally as Daniela Vega known for pr otagonizar a fantastic woman who is currently nominated to the Oscar with each grain of sand can build something beautiful and that's what I want from my chile a more tolerant country respectful of diversity and most importantly a country full of love.



Instagram: Andrea Tobar