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Mei Li - Poser pour des photographes est une façon pour moi de m’épanouir et de m’accepter comme je suis / Posing for photographers is a way for me to blossom and accept myself as I am

Je suis Mei-Li , modèle depuis 2009 sur Bordeaux.
Je pose pour des séances photos de nu et de lingerie, dans un cadre professionnel.
Je dispose de tatouages qui symbolise qui je suis. Un phénix qui renaît de ses cendres, un dragon en guise de personnalité à l’esprit combatif.
La carpe, pour l’harmonie.
Poser pour des photographes est une façon pour moi de m’épanouir et de m’accepter comme je suis .
Ça permet aussi de faire de merveilleuses rencontres et de partager des points de vue artistique.
I am Mei-li, model since 2009 in Bordeaux.
I pose for nude and lingerie photo shoots, in a professional setting.
I have tattoos that symbolize who I am. A phoenix rising from its ashes, a dragon as a personality with a fighting spirit.
The carp, for harmony.
Posing for photographers is a way for me to blossom and accept myself as I am.
It also allows you to meet wonderful people and share artistic points of view.

Rae - Confidence is armor. It's your bulletproof vest. Use it to protect your peace

One fine day, circa 2016, we hiked out to this beautiful slot canyon in Las Vegas with a photographer we knew from St. Louis. He lived in Vegas but visited family often in STL. He knew the area we were hiking, so we stopped at a few spots we saw along the way as well. The desert landscape was so beautiful. Unlike anything I had ever seen. It feels like an alien planet. I fell in love with the desert.

I thought to myself, "This is a once in a lifetime moment. I'll never be this young, in this beautiful location, ever again. "; and then I got naked in the middle of the desert.

There was a couple, climbing, about 20 ft away from us. They showed up right after we had set up. We asked if they were bothered and they didn't mind so we kept working while they scaled the canyon wall.

Our lives are fleeting and not every moment is rich with life and opportunity. It takes an open mind and a watchful eye to notice. When your intuition says, "Live and be free. Be present. Experience your humanity." It feels so euphoric to honor that feeling. Modeling helps me capture that feeling for my future self, and technology helps me share that feeling with others.

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Alessandra - Mi piace il mio corpo e mi sento a mio agio con le mie curve / I like my body and am comfortable with my curves

Ho sempre amato Cindy Crawford sensuale e con tanta classe
Io adoro tutta la lingerie però ho un debole per la guêpière e il reggicalze
La sottoveste e ‘ l’intimo che indosso spesso e mi fa sentire bella e femminile

I've always loved Cindy Crawford sensual and with so much class
I love all lingerie but I have a soft spot for the guêpière and the garter belt
The petticoat is the underwear I wear often and it makes me feel beautiful and feminine

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Nitti - Good Sense of Humor, Dirty Mind and a beautiful Heart / Guter Sinn für Humor, schmutziger Verstand und a Schönes Herz

Ach, da gibt es noch einige Ideen. 
Ich hätte mal Lust auf ein Couple-
Shooting oder auf ein Shooting im 
Schnee und in einem Schloss. Auch mit 
dem Bereich Fantasy liebäugle ich sehr. 
Außerdem wäre das ein Traum für 
mich, einmal am Meer zu shooten.  
Und gerade Musik inspiriert mich hier sehr. 
Dadurch kann ich meinen 
Gedanken und Gefühlen freien 
Lauf lassen und es entstehen öfter mal neue 
Ideen für Tattoos und Bilder. 
Ich will noch ganz vieles ausprobieren. 
Also lasst euch überraschen! 
Oh, there are still some ideas. I would like to have a couple
Shooting or a shooting in the snow and in a castle. Also with
I am very fond of the field of fantasy. Besides, that would be a dream come true for
me to shoot by the sea.
And music in particular inspires me a lot here. I can think of that
Let thoughts and feelings run free and new ones often arise
Ideas for tattoos and pictures.
I still want to try a lot. So let yourself be surprised!

Elena - mature beauty / bellezza matura

Sono Elena nata a Venezia ma vivo da anni nella provincia di Padova.

Amo la fotografia, mi piace pensare che ogni foto sia un po' come una memoria di noi stessi, rimane lì, cattura un momento che rimane eterno.

Ho iniziato per gioco ,un po' per riscattarmi da un brutto periodo e ora da un anno lo faccio come hobby.


I'm Elena born in Venice but I've been living in the province of Padua for years.

I love photography, I like to think that every photo is a bit like a memory of ourselves, it stays there, it captures a moment that remains eternal.

I started as a game, a bit to redeem myself from a bad time and now I've been doing it as a hobby for a year.

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