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  • Hell


    We are all beautiful and
    feminine in some kind of way…

    We just have to find it.

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  • Lili - working on cosplays

    Lili - working on cosplays

    As I write this, I am packing my bags to go to Washington, DC. While there, I will be performing with Wolfpac at the Juggalo March and afterparty, as well as, doing plenty of shoots along the way. In October, I will be a guest judge for the cosplay contest at Megafest 6 in Memphis, TN. I have a lot in the works for the upcoming months as well as next year but I don’t want to say anything until everything is set in stone. I am hoping since winter is coming up, I will get a little extra time so I can work on my cosplays. I have a lot of ideas I'm really excited about working on.

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  • Tony Ferguson Sends Message to Conor McGregor: ‘I Will Haunt Your F*cking Dreams, Kid’

  • Chris Eubank Jr vs Avni Yildirim


Another thing that I do to prepare for a shoot is to get myself into the proper mindset. I always make sure that I have a great of confidence in me before I go into a shoot, it actually shakes off any nervousness I have. Along with making sure that I have a high level of confidence when I go into a shoot I go mentally go through poses in my head. This helps me get into a rhythm for the shoot. The night prior to the shoot I would pack all of the items that were requested or that I would need for the shoot. The day of the shoot I would do my hair and makeup myself unless the photographer would request a specific styling of makeup or my hair. In these cases I would go to my makeup artist or hair stylist. Before I leave to the shoot I go through a mental checklist to ensure that I have everything that I need. Bikini photo shoots are roughly the same process as a regular photo shoot. The only key difference with bikini shoots and lingerie shoots compared to others is trying to be relaxed and comfortable. In these shoots your body is a little more exposed that you normally are. So trying to remain comfortable and relaxed around your photographer will make the shoot a lot more fun. 

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Modèle atypique et confirmée, S.Marion pose depuis 2013 pour tous types de projets artistiques.
Souriante, râleuse et passionnée, Marion essaie avant tout de s’épanouir pour que l'image qui ressorte de ses shootings lui plaise.

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For me, life is not about complacency.
Life is about creating.
Life is an expression.
Life is about loving.
Modelling is truly something I love to do.
It's free.
It's fun.
There's no age limit.
It's all about being you.

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