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  • Joana - be true to your feelings / sé fiel a tus sentimientos

    Joana - be true to your feelings / sé fiel a tus sentimientos

    Les aconsejo que crean siempre en ellas mismas, va a haber mucha gente que no va a estar de acuerdo, pero si realmente sienten que el modelaje es lo que les gusta, que hagan oídos sordos y sean fiel a sus sentimientos. Que se quieran y se acepten como son, que hay lugar para todas y para todo tipo de cuerpo. 

    I advise them to always believe in themselves, there will be many people who will not agree, but if they really feel that modeling is what they like, turn a deaf ear and be true to their feelings. That they love and accept themselves as they are, that there is room for everyone and for all body types.

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  • Yami - Urban and sensual girl from Uruguay

    Yami - Urban and sensual girl from Uruguay

    Pienso que tenemos que creer en nosotras mismas, cada ser humano tiene su encanto su perfección. Si es lo que les gusta adelante que con dedicación y confianza se llega lejos.
    Y es importante recordar que primero que nada hay que amarse uno quererse, saberse admirar.
    Después de conseguir eso estamos aptos para amar a otra persona.

    I think we have to believe in ourselves, each human being has his charm, his perfection. If that is what you like, go ahead and with dedication and confidence you will go far.
    And it is important to remember that first of all you have to love yourself, love yourself, know how to admire yourself. After achieving that we are able to love another person.

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  • The Sub Enchantress - Class is forever

    The Sub Enchantress - Class is forever

    I’m actually new to this. I have only been modelling for around 9 months.

    I was really busy, finding my way, and then lockdown happened. I ended up postponing lots of shoots which I am now managing to complete them all.

    I’m having a blast. I absolutely love what I do and have met some amazing people and visited stunning locations and studios.

    I continue to work very hard and feel very blessed to have this as my hobby. 

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  • Holly Hudson - Be proud of what you do

    Holly Hudson - Be proud of what you do

    My advice would be to just be yourself and work with people you can trust. It certainly helps when they have experience in the field.

    With OnlyFans, you are in complete control of your content so don't let anyone pressure you to do anything you don't want to.

    Be comfortable and proud of what you do and what goes up. The large proportion of your fans are people you know that now have the opportunity to see you naked.

    If you decide to do it, own it, and be proud.

    I look at my content sometimes and think "Wow, is that really me!?"

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Tara - Unique Tattoo Model

I made my first tattoo when I was 14 years old. 
It was a red little cartoon devil. 
In retrospect I must admit that I have started 
tattooing myself to early. In my teens I did not 
had any concept I just did what I wanted and so 
were my tattoos.
Nowadays, I stick to a 
mix of Mandala and Blackink
I like the contrast of the lightness which Mandala 
represents  to me and the accented and dominate
the style of Blackink
It somehow represents my 
character as a person. 

Bri - I’m sexy, I’m beautiful and I’m confident

Being comfortable in your own skin is key. Nothing anyone says can make you feel confident. You have to know that when you go in there and get naked for a shoot, you have to own it and make it yours! Ask questions, so you know what is being expected of you!

Look in the mirror beforehand, in the nude, and appreciate your flaws! Tell the mirror “ I’m sexy I’m beautiful and I’m confident. “ and you must believe what you are saying! It may seem cliche but these exercises work! Have fun and don’t worry about your insecurities! 

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Georgia - In love with Art

 I can’t imagine anything more amazing than getting to sing, dance and act every day, and get to call that your education!

I love learning all different dance styles from jazz and tap, to commercial and contemporary, and have so many amazing teachers who always support us and push us to get the best out of us. Singing is something that I had a love-hate relationship with growing up, as I loved to sing but never had the confidence to do so anywhere but in my own bedroom!

Now I have worked so hard to build up my confidence, working with some super supportive mentors over the years, that I am in a good place and can finally say that I love to sing! We also have an awesome acting coach who is just so incredible at teaching us his ways, as a professional actor himself, and at supporting us all the way! 

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Jode - I like to encourage body confidence

The pink paint shoot was one of my favourite projects I have worked on.

Myself and Jason (Phototrinity) brainstormed ideas for this paint shoot and spent about 2 months getting the resources for it and planning exactly what we wanted to do. This shoot was split into two main sets of photos. The first was fun, creative, bright colourful shots, creating interesting body shapes and focusing on detailed imagery.

The second was of a slightly darker setting, expressing mental health awareness. This set was created with the message of showing vulnerability and struggles with mental health such as anxiety, depression and BPD. This was a very powerful shoot for me and something I could really use to be expressive and channel all of my energy into.

The shoot in total took around 8 hours in the studio. It was super fun, very messy and a hot shower afterward was much appreciated!

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Cleia - atrevan a hacer lo que les gusta / dare to do what you like

Mi consejo es que se atrevan a hacer lo que les gusta. Que tengan seguridad en ellas mismas porque la seguridad y la confianza es lo primordial. No se comparen con las demás persona, todos somos diferentes con habilidades y metas distintas. Cuando su voz interior diga: "No puedo" o "No soy capaz", díganle "Puedo", "Soy capaz". Siempre habrá alguien delante de ti haciendo las cosas que a te gustarían hacer y siempre habrá alguien detrás de ti deseando hacer lo que tu haces, así que sé tu misma, con tus habilidades puedes lograr lo que te propongas. 

My advice is to dare to do what you like. That they have security in themselves because security and trust are paramount. Don't compare yourself to other people, we are all different with different abilities and goals. When your inner voice says, "I can't" or "I'm not capable," say, "I can," "I'm capable." There will always be someone in front of you doing the things you would like to do and there will always be someone behind you wanting to do what you do, so be yourself, with your abilities you can achieve what you set out to do.

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