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  • Maria - belleza natural / natural beauty

    Maria - belleza natural / natural beauty

    Me llamo María José Martínez , soy Uruguaya, tengo 22 años. Mi mayor logro fue Ir a representar a Uruguay en El concurso de belleza Miss and Mister Latinoamérica obteniendo el título de Miss Teen Latino America. 

    I am María José Martínez, Uruguayan, I have 22 years. My greatest achievement was  to represent Uruguay at the Miss and Mister Latin America beauty contest by obtaining the title of Miss Teen Latino America. José Martinez

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  • Star - modelling is an art form

    Star - modelling is an art form

    For new alternative people getting into modelling my best advice is to be undoubtedly and unashamedly yourself! Know your limits and what you enjoy and only work within that bracket, you know what you want, and you know what is best for you - you know better than anyone else!

    Sometimes it can be hard to feel like you “belong” and feeling relaxed in front of the camera comes with practice.

    The best way to overcome any fears is to put yourself in the positions you want to be in and push yourself to perform to the best of your ability! It’s a competitive world out there, so never compare yourself to others and remember: us models are all in the same boat - it’s better to uplift and support the people around you rather than get bogged down with comparisons or jealousy!

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  • Relle Jayne - passionate about modeling

    Relle Jayne - passionate about modeling

    I absolutely love doing portrait images, but growing up this was something I thought I’d never be able to do as I had bad skin as a teenager but having said that all I needed to do was believe in myself have the right amount of confidence and learn to love the way I am and look, that’s where the real beauty is, Once I Conquered that my modelling career took off And I can happily say my confidence has grew and iv never felt better!!

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  • Jody - No where near your typical girl

    Jody - No where near your typical girl

    I am a down to earth girl who loves living fast . Cars, bikes quads anything fast I love .

    Makes me a little different i guess that one minute I'm glam and done up to the nines the next minute I'm out on my quad covered in mud or fixing a car.

    No where near your typical girl.

    I have an amazing sense of humor always smiling and cracking the jokes and I love to build everyone else up around me .

    The biggest love in my love is my dog Rocky and my biggest downfall is online shopping I just always add that item to cart .

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Since i was a kid i loved dressing up just for fun, always loved trying new things with clothes.  When I am bored I love doing something different with makeup just to take pictures and practice posing.
I have a friend that loves taking pictures of me and he is into photography. Together we have some crazy ideas, and he really supports me with modeling at the same time. 
I feel comfortable in front of camera. 
There is a lot of jealousy in this business.
That’s the only downside to this job, but over time you learn to ignore it. You should always support and succeed, and not allow people who want to bring you down to succeed.
Od malena sam se volela oblačiti samo iz zabave, volela sam isprobavati nove odjevne kombinacije. Kad mi je dosadno, volim  raditi sa šminkom samo da bih fotkala i vježbala poziranje.
Imam prijatelja koji me voli slikati i bavi se fotografijom. Zajedno imamo neke lude ideje, a on me istodobno istodobno podupire u modelingu.
Osjećam se ugodno pred kamerama.

U ovom poslu puno je ljubomore.
To je jedina mana ovog posla, ali s vremenom, naučite ignorirati. Uvijek biste trebali bodriti sebe, raditi na samopouzdanju i uspjeti, a ne dopustiti ljudima koji vas žele srušiti da uspiju.

Art of Tilo - Cheyenne

I’m Tilo Riemer, a German photographer living in the beautiful Ore Mountains in Saxony. All began with an old Praktica (East German camera) and the darkroom equipment which an old bookbinder did not need anymore. Of course, the memory of the first image that appeared in the developer tray practically out of nowhere is no longer vivid. But I know that it sent me into a state of euphoria.
Since then, photography has not let me go. Sometimes more, sometimes less. But in the meantime it has become a passion.
Each image is unique in its own way, a snapshot cast in bytes for eternity - or at least a longer time. A picture can say so much, have a different meaning for everyone. And when someone or the thing is no more, the image remains as a memory. 

Francesca - The woman is always beautiful

My name is Francesca and I live in Italy. 
I am 34 years old 
and since five years I have been a curvy model, 
with strong passion for photography 
linked to elegance, eros, and beauty of women, 
at 360 degrees  

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Polly - Slušam svoj unutarnji poriv i radim ono sto želim / I listen to my inner urge and do what I want

Moje ime je Polena. Da, najvjerojatnije jedina Polena u u Hrvatskoj, zemlji u kojoj sam se rodila. Zovite me Polly. Od mnoštva mojih nadimaka, Polly mi je glavni koji je zapravo i moje umjetničko ime. Možda će zvučati čudno, ali tako me zovu svi osim moje obitelji. Naime, rođena sam u glavnom gradu Hrvatske. To je mali, ali meni drag, grad Zagreb u kojem sam i odrasla. Ostavit ću vas u nedoumici sto se tiče mojih godina jer sam nekim čudom ostala zamrznuta. No,budući da sve ima svoj “rok trajanja”, samo čekam trenutak kad ću početi primjećivati da se lagano odmrzavam. Reci ću vam samo da sam  rođena 15.9., baš na pola mjeseca. 

My name is Polena. Probably the only Polena in Croatia, the country where I was born. Call me Polly. Of the multitude of my nicknames, Polly is my main one which is actually my stage name as well. It may sound weird, but that’s what everyone calls me except my family. Namely, I was born in the capital of Croatia. It is a small, but dear to me, city of Zagreb, where I grew up. I will leave you in doubt as far as my age is concerned because I miraculously stayed frozen. But since everything has its “shelf life,” I’m just waiting for the moment when I’ll start to notice that I’m thawing slightly. I'll just tell you that I was born on September 15th, exactly half a month.

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