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  • How Dafne was born

    How Dafne was born

    Dafne is a character I made up to start in modeling and the name represents me in everything I always wanted to do. At first, when I started erotic modeling, the webpage asked for a name change. I guess it was for security issues.

    It was then that Dafnepunk was born. In Greek mythology, Dafne is a nymph, a natures fairie, young and beautiful that starred a love story with Apollo.

    Without doubt nature, beauty and love are things I identify myself with, that´s why I chose this name and added punk because punk is a priority and my lifestyle.

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  • Molly - I like to purposely clash with the average and have my own signature look

    Molly - I like to purposely clash with the average and have my own signature look

    Avril Lavigne has been my idol for as long as I can remember. I always saw men singing and playing guitar and Avril was the first girl I'd ever seen doing that, so I instantly fell in love with her. I thought she was just so badass and wanted to be exactly like her. I still do love her and look up to her, but my style started changing around grade seven when I started getting into Marilyn Manson--that instantly made me like my makeup and music heavier. I used to copy his makeup looks when I was 13 and started trying to learn how to sing heavy metal--which didn't successfully happen until years later. Avril and Manson are equal idols to me now; Avril made me want to be a singer in the first place and inspired me to be bold with my style, and Manson just pushed the desire to be a performer even further and made my style more theatrical.

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  • Echo


     I say it’s time to realize that our bodies are worth “settling” for. My advice? Be unapologetic. Take selfies. Wear a crop top to the grocery store. Be extra. Compliment other women. Go dancing. Familiarize yourself with your body. Accentuate your curves. Speak up in class. Enforce your voice. Be proud of the space you occupy, whether that be on the bus or in bed with your boyfriend. Do any little, insignificant thing throughout your day to prove to yourself you’re worthy of confidence. Lanky and thin or thick and curvy, you’re worthy of flaunting it. You’re worthy of feeling sexy.

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  • Ch3rry Jane

    Ch3rry Jane

    Modèle atypique, percée et tatouée, Ch3rry Jane pose pour tous types de projets artistiques.

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Jennifer Steel - Curve & Glamour Model

I personally think that Plus Size Models are beautiful, voluptuous and curvy people with self-confidence who just love to embrace their body and minds. Plus Size comes in so many different ways. We’re all different and beautiful in our own way. You won’t always be everyone’s cup of tea, especially when it comes to social media. I’m shocked at how body- & fat shaming happens to be such a normal thing in our community these days. Don’t get scared or insecure of that. Don’t think too much about why things won’t work out at first. Embrace yourself in any way you like and just continue doing your thing. The key to success is patience, hard work and a lot of passion.

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Lina Lysa

I started the photo when I was 18 years old. as many young women, I wanted to promote my body image. I found my first photographer on the internet and moved with a friend. this photographer was located in a neighborhood that fear of Paris. I was unconscious, at the time of today, I will not go back lol. the photographer still managed to put me at ease. it was studio photos. I was very happy with the result for the first time. one of these photos remains one of my most beautiful portraits.

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Find a style that makes you confident because if you feel good about yourself that’s the only person you really need to impress. There are always going to be people that are going to try and bring you down, and yes it hurts. But beauty is a pain as they say.

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