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  • Danielle


    My first experience in front of a camera was breathtaking. I never in my life have been in another setting where I felt that I fit and was comfortable to just let go and be myself. I prefer photos that are taken outside with the natural sun lighting. I feel the sun captures my skin tone better than artificial lighting.

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  • Solange


    I started modelling about 3 years ago. I started when i was 16. I was always told i should try it out by family and friends and even some random people on the street but i didnt actually start until an old friend of mine (sadly we are no longer friends) got me into it as she modelled for fun occasionally. She brought me to a shoot and after that i started messaging photographers of modelmayhem and instagram eventually it became a job rather than a hobby but i still always try to make it as fun as possible!

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  • Kayla - story of young, strong, brave beautiful girl

    Kayla - story of young, strong, brave beautiful girl

     I've been in front of a camera for longer than I can imagine , its something I do on my own, it just comes natural to me , my sister who takes a photography class in college is where I recieve my most practice from because I'm her model when it comes to her projects. it was years were I would go without smiling , people would think I was so bitter , and so mean , but what they didn't know was I was going through chronic depression that cause my mood either to be extremely angry or extremely sad . When I'm in front of a camera I finally have a reason to smile, an excuse to feel beautiful, to feel like a supermodel even if no one else see's it in me.

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  • Cristina - fashion and beauty

    Cristina - fashion and beauty

    Most of the time I'll be the one telling the photographer what my ideas are but also listen to theirs. I like to always do something new and creative, something different. I style all of my own shoots, as well as do my own hair and makeup and come up with my own poses. I guess I would call myself a creative director that models her own ideas

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Cyrielle trough Andre's eyes

A photographer friend asked me for a helping hand to cover a show. And it was here that he introduced Cyrielle, this young model with a hypnotic look. She had let him know that she liked what I was doing and that she would like to take pictures with me. We exchanged contacts. Some time later I contacted him to schedule this first shoot with her. We did this series on a single session.
In the hope of a future .....

Un ami photographe m'a demandé un coup de main pour couvrir un spectacle. Et c'est là qu'il m'a présenté Cyrielle, ce jeune modele au regard hypnotique .elle lui avait laissé entendre qu'elle aimait bien ce que je faisais et qu'elle souhaiterait faire des photos avec moi. On a échangé nos contacts. Quelques temps après je l'ai contacté pour programmer ce premier shooting avec elle . Nous avons réalisé cette série sur une seule séance.
dans l 'attente d'une prochaine....

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Mylene - Charming and beautiful young lady with an attitude

J’étais arrivée à ma première séance très intimidé. Malgré ma grande taille, je suis une fille en retrait qui ne souhaite pas se faire remarquer. La séance se déroulait à la plage avec une chemise d’homme transparente. Un thème que j’avais choisit. Je me souviens avoir adoré mon photographe mais j’étais très mal à l’aise. Je ne me laissé pas aller.

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