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  • JA - The only people that matter is the ones that support you and want to see you succeed!

    JA - The only people that matter is the ones that support you and want to see you succeed!

    I would love nothing more than to be able to tell you that entering this industry is all roses and diamonds, but there is most definitely the dark side that you don’t see unless you are in it. The jealousy, the hate, the people who try to pull you down… yet there is also the glamorous side of it also which is far more addictive than the darker side. Having your makeup done and your hair made to perfection, the clothes, the money, the fame! Nothing compares to seeing yourself inside a glossy magazine, it really doesn’t.

    However, I MUST give you some advice… the biggest piece of all is to ‘DO IT’ and BE STRONG’ you can achieve anything if you just believe.. look at me for instance, I was once just a nobody, your typical, everyday type of girl that would throw her hair on top of her head, stick on a pair of navy-blue work trousers and stack shelves for a living…. Now, look at me! So, always keep the faith and believe in yourself. You will always get haters and jealousy; it only proves how successful you are becoming. I guarantee that most would give their left arm to be where you are (if you work hard at it)
    The only people that matter is the ones that support you and want to see you succeed!

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  • Lolly - Up and coming alternative model - watch this space!

    Lolly - Up and coming alternative model - watch this space!


    My name is Lolly and I’m from North Lincolnshire.

    I love exploring new things and creating arts. Getting creative in photo shoots brings out my wild side.

    This is only the beginning for Lolly.

    You can do anything you set your mind too ♥️


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  • Fem Nude Embrace: Rare Diamond

    Fem Nude Embrace: Rare Diamond

    I am a Swedish model from Gothenburg who has been modeling since 2019. I’m rather new but I have taken a lot of pictures. I love to stand in front of the camera and show myself off. This is a hobby I have and it is incredibly fun and rewarding to me. You learn and develop all the time.
    My first shoot was at a bar and I just loved it. Nudity, sexy lingerie and high heels are something that triggers me as I am a little bit of an Exhibitionist.
  • Sofia - tú cuerpo y cara son hermosos tengan las imperfecciones que tengan / your body and face are beautiful no matter what imperfections they have

    Sofia - tú cuerpo y cara son hermosos tengan las imperfecciones que tengan / your body and face are beautiful no matter what imperfections they have

    Para generar confianza primero debes tener mucho amor propio, entender que tú cuerpo y cara son hermosos tengan las imperfecciones que tengan, si quieres sacarte fotos en ropa interior, adelante, no seas tímida, es lo mismo que muestras con un bikini en la playa, y si no te gusta mostrar tu cuerpo, no importa, de seguro tienes un hermoso rostro para encantar el mundo, amate tanto que no necesites maquillaje ni estar peinada para verte hermosa. No olvides que eres especial y hermosa siendo tu, nunca te dejes llevar por los estereotipos de Instagram.

    To generate confidence, you must first have a lot of self-love, understand that your body and face are beautiful regardless of the imperfections they have, if you want to take pictures of yourself in underwear, go ahead, do not be shy, it is the same as you show with a bikini in the beach, and if you do not like to show your body, it does not matter, surely you have a beautiful face to enchant the world, love yourself so much that you do not need makeup or be combed to look beautiful. Do not forget that you are special and beautiful being you, never let yourself be carried away by the stereotypes of Instagram.

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Fem Nude Embrace: Montana - Nudity is Natural

Sexualizing nudity falls under "a learned behavior" which term-wise is interchangeable with one's perspective or viewpoint. However you frame it the point is that it's taught to us from a very young age.  Unfortunately, our society propagates this 'groupthink' about nudity and semi-nudity equating to eroticism when actually nudity is a physiological characteristic of humans.

Karyss - Unique Alt model

My name's Karyss, I'm 25 from Plymouth in Devon, UK. I have been modelling for nearly 12 years.
I first started out in camera clubs back in July 2009 as a model with beginner photographers as I too could learn whilst they were as well.
I found this was a great way to further my knowledge with something I wanted to get into since I was little.

Jess - beautiful implied art / Hermosa arte implicado

Si te sientes cómodo, las sensaciones son todas positivas.

Si hay cierto nerviosismo/expectativa tal vez, en el resultado final…

Mi primer sesión de fotos de desnudos fue en Noviembre 2018, recién conocía al fotógrafo y debíamos hacer unas tomas en el edificio donde vivo, entonces fue a primera hora de la mañana (por si se despertaba algún vecino). Recuerdo estar muy nerviosa, y expectante a cualquier ruido que nos indicara ¡vecinos cerca!.

Y depende lo que quiera obtener de la sesión es como preferiría estar.


If you feel comfortable, the feelings are all positive.

If there is some nervousness/expectation perhaps, in the final result ...

My first nude photo shoot was in November 2018, I just met the photographer and we had to take some shots in the building where I live, so it was first thing in the morning (in case a neighbor woke up). I remember being very nervous, and waiting for any noise that would indicate nearby neighbors!

And it depends what you want to get out of the session is how you would rather be.

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Estrella - simple and perfect / Sencilla y perfecta

Es importante entender que, hagas lo que hagas, la gente siempre tendrá una opinión sobre ti y lo que haces. Nuestra seguridad y autoestima no debe depender de otras personas sino de ti misma. Cuando yo comencé lo hice sin pensar y preocuparme por lo que dirían los demás, yo sabía que quería hacerlo, eso era suficiente. Y luego cuando vi los resultados de esas sesiones y me encantó lo que vi, quise compartirlo y así lo hice, sin agobiarme por opiniones ajenas, pues sé que lo que importaba era lo que yo sentía.

It is important to understand that whatever you do, people will always have an opinion about you and what you do. Our security and self-esteem should not depend on other people but on ourselves. When I started I did it without thinking and worrying about what others would say, I knew I wanted to do it, that was enough. And then when I saw the results of those sessions and I loved what I saw, I wanted to share it and I did so, without being overwhelmed by other people's opinions because I know that what mattered was what I felt.

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