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  • Isabella


    You are beautiful- Embrace being unique. People are going to say mean things. As soon as something ruffles feathers they always do. Let it go!

    Set goals for yourself, manifest them, believe in them.

    Get uncomfortable- go to those casting calls. Send that email. YOU have to believe in yourself.

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    Model: St. Merrique

    Instagram: st_merrique

    Photographer:  Unique Clicks Photography

    Instagram: Unique Clicks Photography 

    website : Unique Clicks Photography

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  • Visions Of Paradox presents Katrina Mac

    Visions Of Paradox presents Katrina Mac

  • Cora


     I think to showing my body it's a kind of feminist movement.
    I like when my photos are sexy, hot and provocative.
    I'm not the classical type of model...but I have some specials. This have every woman.
    You don't need to operate can just be cool and hot exactly as you are...
    It's not like a miss contest-where you have a concuration ...
    It's more to give power, and self confidence for girls.  Read More


I wish more girls out there would be more proud about the way they look and don't let anyone take the confidence away.
To many people have body issues mainly because of how others make them feel.
I say we are all beautiful and unique.
Beauty comes from within and it comes out if you know how to let it.

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Jessica Silva

We have to think that we have in us all the dreams of the world.

May these dreams, if we fight, can become reality, because this world is full of endless possibilities.

And although these possibilities may surprise you, if you do not give up, they can lead you to what you so desire.

We have to believe that we can be whatever we want, so let's fight for it, of course with training, workshop, and training, but we can do it!

Believe in yourself.

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Girls who want to become alternative models I can advise to be themselves.

But for photos, it is necessary to be beautiful.

You need to make a bright make-up, use expensive cosmetics so that your face does not look cheap.

You have to be stubborn.

Even if it does not work out, you need to try even harder.

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