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  • Veronica - Bodybuilding as a Lifestyle

    Veronica - Bodybuilding as a Lifestyle

    Le lingerie fanno risaltare la femminilità e l’eleganza di una donna,bisogna però saperle indossare per non sembrare volgari.

    Lingerie brings out the femininity and elegance of a woman, but you must know how to wear them so as not to seem vulgar.

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  • Tamara - German Alt Superstar

    Tamara - German Alt Superstar

    Erst mal sollte es definitiv ein professioneller Fotograf sein
    Grade in dem Bereich gibt es einige die „ Hauptsache nackt „ sehen wollen.
    Wichtig ist Fühlt man sich wohl
    Passt die Chemie Sobald man zweifelt unwohl fühlt und alles in der Richtung - abbrechen

    For mich ist es mein absoluter lieblingsbereich
    Die Kunst nackt sein und trozdem wirkt es nicht billig oder total Porno mäßig
    Nach dem Motto nude but Not naked.

    Man muss sich auch wohl fühlen und es soll Spaß machen.

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  • Michele - Mediterranean Mermaid

    Michele - Mediterranean Mermaid

    Confidence is key.

    It will be felt within the photos you are taking so be one with the body you have.

    Models come in all forms and body types.

    Curves are where it’s at and there is beauty in the female body!

    Remember that and the confidence will come naturally.

    Be you!

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  • Jamie Lee - Always believe in yourself

    Jamie Lee - Always believe in yourself

    Never let anybody push your levels if you are not comfortable with something don't do it.

    No means no, and above all always believe in yourself!

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Chaz - Go Get Your Dream.

I’m really excited to get stuck into modelling, nowadays I'm more interested in editorial and commercial modelling than runway but I’d never turn down the opportunity if it arises.

I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to be featured in Urban Art Nomads web magazine and hopefully, I’m proof to all the aspiring models out there that if you believe in yourself you can be anything you want to be.

Go get your dream.

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Auxi - Cosplay Girl

Cosplay is a contraction of the words costume and play.

This word appeared at a Takahashi's cosplay article in the June 1983 issue of My Anime.

He said that Cosplay is a fan's expression of his/her love for a favourite and think so. I think is one most amazing things about conventions.

I really love to dress up and act like my favourite anime and video game characters and I love going to conventions and meeting people that love the same characters than me.

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Julia - Birthday Girl

What I always wanted to tell all girls is that they should love themselves.
Thin or fat, slim or strong.
We are all beautiful diamonds.
Our world offers us so many different tastes. We are all welcome.
You must not lag the courage if you want to realize yourself or want to show yourself as you have.

Gabbie - About life and love

For everybody out there... You are beautiful. Accept who you are because there’s no one like you in the entire universe. You are unique. Look at the mirror. Look how beautiful you really are. Comb your hair. Take care of yourself. You are all that you have got in the world and you deserve more. Stop underestimating you. You can laugh and be happy –really you can- and not feel guilty about it. Embrace life, embrace your own self. It doesn’t mean that you’re getting self-focused or selfish by putting you first. It means that you respect yourself. Stop relying on others to validate you all the time. You are not a hollow human being. Fill the gap with love. Love you. Only if you love yourself you can find true happiness and eventually make the others around you happy too.

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Maleficent - Goth Beauty

 The most important bit of advice I can give is to not let other people’s opinion get to you, or influence what you want to do with your life, which can be easier said than done and takes time. One of the most difficult things about modelling is to not compare yourself to other models or beat yourself up for not looking like the other girls you see on Instagram. The truth is, is that there is not one type of “perfect model” and everyone is different. You don’t have to look a certain way in order to be successful and in fact being unique will do you a lot of favours. Also, don’t take it too personally if you don’t have the “right look” for a specific photographer or agency, whilst some do have preferences for a certain look, there will be people out there that like yours, its just a case of finding them and figuring out what type of modelling is right for you. I’ve been turned down by several agencies for being too short, and whilst it can get me down sometimes I have to remind myself that it doesn’t make me less of a model than taller girls, and as a result I’ve focused more on building my career as a freelance model, rather than trying to pursue agency work.

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