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  • Ivi - Love your body

    Ivi - Love your body

    Mein erstes Shooting war quasi auch mein erstes Aktshooting. Zuerst redete der Fotograf bei meinem ersten Shooting (nachdem mich mein Mann ja angemeldet hatte) sehr viel mit mir und nahm mir so die Aufregung. Es ging Schritt für Schritt voran. Und am Ende war ich richtig stolz auf meine ersten Nacktbilder.

    My first shoot was almost my first act of shooting. At first, the photographer talked to me on my first shoot (after my husband had signed me in) and took away my excitement. It went on step by step. And in the end I was really proud of my first nude pictures.

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  • Johanna - Famous teen model

    Johanna - Famous teen model

    Sometimes it is a bit difficult to overcome everyday struggles everyone of us knows.

    But since I have defined goals I want to reach someday I never stray too far from the original way.

    As for my style... I don't have one certain style I always wear.

    I like to vary and try new things all the time.

    My style is most likely like the weather you could say.

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  • Jasmin - Natural Beauty

    Jasmin - Natural Beauty

  • Amy -  Be who you are and express it !

    Amy - Be who you are and express it !

    I think a women’s body is very beautiful and sensual and I feel that women shouldn’t have to hide it to keep society happy be who you are and express it !

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Katie - Let that inner glow shine


Your opinion is the only one that matters because at the end of the day it's you who will be looking in the mirror at yourself.

At the end of the day, we look and have conversations with ourselves.

And ourselves is our biggest enemy.

So love yourself and every inch, every curve, every bump, and every blemish, every roll, every wrinkle.

Love it all !!

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Tiffany - Birmingham's Finest

My advice to young girls will be to love who you are and follow your dreams, live life with no regrets.

Anyone can do anything they put their mind to, there are no limitations and just be yourself don’t change.

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"Known as Hédia, I have been a model since 2014, currently based in Provence, having benefited from a miss year, I continued in the world of photography, accompanied by a young make-up artist (makeup artist). , I was able to realize several projects that made me appreciate this artistic environment. The photo is a well-adjusted staging between a mixture of emotions, atmosphere, personal experience, desired desires, ambitions, etc. To create an image is to give oneself, to understand the other, to appropriate oneself to one's environment, to be a master of oneself, to go beyond one's limits, to surprise oneself in order to make an image live, to make it universal. to be able to appropriate it, get lost and escape in each of its lines, this is the union of the photographer and his model ♥
Photography helped me to grow, to take a step back on myself, to understand the other. It obliges me to each new experience to fight my weaknesses to make it a strength. It pushes the acceptance of the eyes of others and to make a judgment more fair to me in order to immortalize a moment, the trust that is. "

Shae - Colombian Passion

I think that every woman is unique in her physical and intellectual characteristics.

We should not compare ourselves to that, it is a big mistake that forces us to be uncomfortable with what we are. 

Personally, before starting as a model I was very insecure and had little self-esteem, starting in this medium, opened the door to freedom of expression, to the safety and management of my body that soon captivated my thoughts and my soul. it made me feel beautiful and sexy.

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