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  • Mary - Alt Model

    Mary - Alt Model

  • GANDRAFOTOGRAFIA - Beauty of Sonia

    GANDRAFOTOGRAFIA - Beauty of Sonia

    Model:  Sonia

    Photographer: Fernando Santos

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  • Linda


    Bonjour tout le monde,

    Tout d’abord je tiens à me présenter. Je m’appelle Linda RAGOT et j’ai actuellement 18 ans. Je suis très reconnaissante de pouvoir m’exprimer ici aujourd’hui.

    Hey everyone,

    First of all, I’m going to introduce myself. My name is Ragot Linda and I just turned 18 last October. I’m glad today to be able to speak here.

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  • Lucilla - Stagger Girl

    Lucilla - Stagger Girl

    Model:  Lucilla

    Clothing brand:  Stagger 

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To be honest with you I feel like women are so ashamed of their bodies. It’s a product of conditioning and society that’s made it this way. I want women to feel empowered no matter their shape or size. No matter how they may choose to express themselves. Some People think we all have to be and do the same things or we all have to look and act the same way. Just because one persons beliefs are different to your own doesn’t make them wrong. No woman should be ashamed of their body. They have a right to do what they want with it.

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 Je vais commencer par me présenter, je me nomme Mélanie j'ai 25 ans, petite de taille je fais de la photo depuis maintenant 6 ans.

J'ai commencé la photo il y a environ 6 ans avec mon conjoint ( Joys.S ) tous les deux totalement inculte concernant la photographie à cette période là nous faisions des photos pour notre plaisir sans les partager. Puis nous avons fait de belles rencontres dont celle de Didier Vidal qui m'a proposer ma première vrai séance photo.

Je m'en souviens très bien, c’était un dimanche en studio, pas de thème précis vu que c'était juste pour découvrir , plusieurs tenues et accessoire simplement.

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Dani - Bikini Bodybuilding Beauty

People close to you will always be extremely critical of you. But I do have more people supporting my modeling than I do who oppose it. So I guess middle finger up to those that hate because it’s my life and I have to make myself happy!

For anyone wanting to take on competitive bodybuilding I’d advice you to do it for the right reasons, have a valid reason. And make sure you have a positive self-image and conference and enjoy the process!

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David Bowie was a massive inspiration and someone I looked up to on such a personal level. During my early teen years I was stuck in a bit of a pit, not really knowing who I was or what I was doing. It was during a school play that I first heard ‘Starman’ and I remember thinking at the time “this song is really weird, who is it?” It was something I’d never heard the likes of before and I was hooked from there. He’s been a huge inspiration for a lot of shoots, his eccentric looks and individuality has really had a massive impact on me.

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Just go for it!! And never Let people tell u that u cant, cause believe me you can.. and if you can dream it you can do it.. sorry cliché but its what I believe in. Start taking pictures of yourself and practice in the mirror I do it every day and yes it looks dump 😂 but it can help. Look around on Instagram and follow other models and photographers for inspiration, be different, be you ❤

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