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  • Hell


    We are all beautiful and
    feminine in some kind of way…

    We just have to find it.

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  • Lili - working on cosplays

    Lili - working on cosplays

    As I write this, I am packing my bags to go to Washington, DC. While there, I will be performing with Wolfpac at the Juggalo March and afterparty, as well as, doing plenty of shoots along the way. In October, I will be a guest judge for the cosplay contest at Megafest 6 in Memphis, TN. I have a lot in the works for the upcoming months as well as next year but I don’t want to say anything until everything is set in stone. I am hoping since winter is coming up, I will get a little extra time so I can work on my cosplays. I have a lot of ideas I'm really excited about working on.

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  • Chris Eubank Jr vs Avni Yildirim

Kami - Love yourself. Your natural body is Art.

Many people do not differ from erotic art and pornography. The body of a
 woman is beautiful and showing her in an innocent way can result in a job of
art. We still live in a conservative society and there is still some freedom
places where the woman's body is admired. The naked photos of the women show them
glamorous and sure of their bodies.
My body does not have surgery yet and I like that. I have nothing against
women who do, but I think every person is free to do with their bodies
what they want to do.
However, I like to model without being a slave of measures. It's just a
a matter of having a healthy life, exercising and eating well. There is nothing wrong
to enjoy a chocolate bar, a quick meal with your friends, and not go for a
day to the gym. Enjoy life, be happy.
Modeling has helped me a lot with my own self. We as women are sometimes
very perfectionists and we see ourselves fat, skinny, ugly, old, etc., we are
we are never happy with what we are, we always want to change something, we have
some part of the body of space.
But when I started to model, I saw my body, my face, my expressions and I
I fell in love with myself I realized that I liked what I saw, I am very grateful to
I do not want to change anything about myself I just need to love myself and
take good care of me
Besides not having ant surgery and showing some of my imperfections makes me
feel proud of myself to show a real woman, not a plastic woman with some
parameters that society has told us about how a woman should be.

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Karenzio - proud & brave next SC girl

Three years ago, I won a membership for Suicide Girls not as a model, so one of the girls asked me for a session but I wasn’t interested, few months later my best friend encoraged me to shoot the set, I accepted and we shot at his place. It was pretty smooth, I didn’t feel embaraced or uncomfortable, the only issue was that I always show my toungue when someone takes a picture, so I had to fight with that “tic”. After few ours we finished and it was just ok, I really got amaced when my set was accepted. But THE photo session was 3 months after that. I was training to lose weight and dyied my hair. I think it was my best momento as far as I know. And I practiced a lot in my bed, in front of a mirror possing and playing with my body.

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Delphine - She walks in beauty

 I was shy but I never felt too embarrassed in front of a camera, even the first time (though you can tell by my older pictures I wasn't confident as I am right now). For me it was like a therapy, it was more than posing and having pretty pictures of myself ; I learned to accept my flaws more than I did before and simply feeling better even if I'm still working on it today.

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My advice to young girls who aspire to be a model/actress is to start now! Start taking classes and submitting your photos to top agencies, but be very careful! Make sure you know who your photographer is, and don’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable.

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C. J. - Successful model and inspiring mother

What I say to those people are " its all about how you do it and how you carry yourself". As a model I know what I will and will not allow to be on the internet. I know how I want to reflect on my life and I don't want to feel guilty or ashamed of explaining anything to my child and future children. So to be clear, its about who you are as a model. They're many genres of modeling. A glamour model who does artistic or implied nude may have less to explain to their future generation then a glamour model who's modeling career is catered to a majority of a male audience. 

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