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  • Georgia - you control your own happiness

    Georgia - you control your own happiness

    What have I always dreamed to become? Well when I was younger I used to always dream about walking down the catwalk along with all the other super models and everyone would know my name but then due to nasty comments my aims changed and I then dedicated my time to my education and my dreams were set on graduating uni with a degree in nursing (which I’m still studying towards) so realistically I’m now living both! I do want to appear on reality tv in the future and continue and grow my modelling 

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    I approached Shell to participate in my "Fashion in the woods" project in the summer of 2018. I love Shell’s look and luckily Shell agreed to work with me. Since then we have completed four photoshoots each with different themes. Since then Shell and I have really got on well and completed 4 shoots in a short period of time. The reason why I continue to shoot with Shell is that she produces amazing images, is really easy to get on with, has great outfits and also is really professional and reliable. 
    Shell produces some amazing images, of which her nickname is now the “Poser”. We get on really well and have a laugh on all our shoots. If Shell is struggling for a bit of inspiration for her poses (everyone needs to warm up) then all Shell needs is something to lean on and then Shell is magic. I remember Shell saying to me “Give a girl something to lean on”, thats means a tree, a wall, lamppost or anything. Shell also poses freestyle too…... Since then we have not looked back.
    The images in this publication are a small selection captured from each of our shoots to date. 




    Instagram: Shell

    Portfolio: Shell Jennifer  

  • Medusa MA - French Alt Model

    Medusa MA - French Alt Model

    Modèle percée et tatouée, basée en France, Medusa MA privilégie les projets artistiques.

    Medusa MA a aussi une passion pour les reptiles et n'hésite pas à poser avec ses serpents.

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  • Chaz - Go Get Your Dream.

    Chaz - Go Get Your Dream.

    I’m really excited to get stuck into modelling, nowadays I'm more interested in editorial and commercial modelling than runway but I’d never turn down the opportunity if it arises.

    I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to be featured in Urban Art Nomads web magazine and hopefully, I’m proof to all the aspiring models out there that if you believe in yourself you can be anything you want to be.

    Go get your dream.

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Sassy yet classy - Luca's Art

I have always had some sort of camera in the house, from a disposable to a point and shoot, and then to a DSLR, but I suddenly decided around 4 years ago to pick up my nephews Lego figures and create some cool pictures for their rooms, i had always enjoyed taking pictures at family gatherings and wherever I went, so this was an opportunity to get creative and try something different!

Lego soon led to portraits and I always enjoyed taking images of people and always looked for that connection between the subject and my camera. My more intimate work came from a friend seeing my portrait work and wanted to celebrate her weightless, so… this is where it all began, a boudoir session and a few edits later, I had my first set. 

I have been shooting in a studio for approximately 14 months and enjoy how I can manipulate light and shadow for different tones for my images. I always enjoy how I need to be creative in order to keep ideas fresh and also stand out from the amazing photographers that are out there.

My aim is not only to find and capture a connection but to empower and instill confidence in people. We all have our insecurities, but we must remember that we are all amazing and I hope I can help remind people of this.

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Raquel - Latin Beauty

Most important thing for any career I think its attitude, we need to remember the relationship between model and photographer need to be professional! Not only that but we need to study to become a better model.

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Jodie trough the eyes of Philip Leighton

"Growing up as a triplet, myself and my sisters attracted much attention and we had been asked to model on a number of occasions. But they didn't have the interest and I didn't have the confidence or self-belief.

My first exposure to the industry was in 2006 when I became the face of a high street Bank, though I was getting married and chose not to pursue a career in the industry. Unfortunately, in 2017 my 14 year relationship broke down and since I have found the confidence to give the modelling world a go.

It took some encouragement from a good photographer friend of mine (Luca), and life has never been the same since- thank you, Luca!!

This is how I found such a talented photographer “Phil”, who is responsible for much of the amazing work in my portfolio and in this publication. Thank you Phil for all of your hard work, patience, encouragement and for putting up with me. As I say, we smash it !”

Insta page: Jodie

''In the last two years, I have been really taking my portrait photography to a new level. Through my desire to progress and improve,  I came across Jodie. I loved Jodie’s look and believed that Jodie would help with taking my images to a new level. We have had several photoshoots over the summer and we have managed to capture some amazing images that I am really proud of. Jodie is really easy to work with, is down to earth with a great personality and is a natural in front of the camera. The images within this article are some of our favourites from our recent shoots. Yes, Jodie,  we have “Smashed it.''

Insta page: Philip Leighton Photography

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Julyetta - one year in a life of the model

I am thinking and doubting less.
Of course, I am planning how to prepare myself the best to make the shooting perfect.
But I am no longer thinking about the pose or the mimic I will make because it is a daily routine for me and I am very sure of myself in my work.
Even if I am more relaxed before the shooting, the effect of the shooting is still the same; it fills me up with adrenaline and makes me feel so good.
A memory that lasts forever.

Christin - Live and let live

Hi my dear, my name is Christin, also called lion's head ...

Als Fotomodel stehe ich jetzt schon seit ca. 7 Jahren  vor der Kamera und es wird nie langweilig im Gegenteil, man lernt ständig neue Leute kennen und kann verschiedene Projekte gemeinsam umsetzen.

Make-up & Hairstyles mach ich größtenteils selbst.

Bei manchen Jobs kann man sich einfach zurücklehnen und wird geschminkt,  dennoch nehme ich es auch gerne selbst in die Hand , besonders wenn es um meinen Wuschelkopf geht :D

Bisher habe ich mit ganz tollen Fotografen /Models/VISA’s Zusammenarbeiten dürfen und jedes Shooting hatte seinen Reiz von Dessous bis sexy- sportlich... lustig oder sinnliche!

Anbei ganz liebe Grüße an alle mit denen ich bisher Zusammenarbeiten durfte!

Ohne euch wäre das alles hier nicht möglich. Danke!!!

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