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  • Cora


     I think to showing my body it's a kind of feminist movement.
    I like when my photos are sexy, hot and provocative.
    I'm not the classical type of model...but I have some specials. This have every woman.
    You don't need to operate can just be cool and hot exactly as you are...
    It's not like a miss contest-where you have a concuration ...
    It's more to give power, and self confidence for girls.  Read More
  • Cindy


    I officially started modeling in January 2018. It’s actually A photographer contacted me on instagram saying he loved my work as a MUA and he saw in me the potential to be model because I had beautiful features. Following several exchanges, we shot for the first time on January 21st. I loved my experience and especially the connection I had with Ricky Elie, my photographer. Since then, I've decided to start my career as Plus size Model and to embrace my curvy body. My first shoot was in 2016, my cousin needed models to build his portfolio of photographs. I shot with him, I loved it but I did not have enough self-confidence to start a career as a model at that time.

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  • Joana by Fernando Santos

    Joana by Fernando Santos

    Model: Joana

    Photographer: Fernando Santos

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  • Essy West

    Essy West

    I love boudoir photoshoots! At most shoots, I ask to do some form of lingerie to keep building my portfolio for it. For a long time I was scared to show off my body in that way, and was afraid that it would look bad. But recently I've been obsessed with it, especially with the women's empowerment movement that's currently happening!

    I'd have to say my favorite lingerie has got to be black lace. You can see in my shoots that it's what I normally wear. I love the way my red hair pops against the black!

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Being a transgender in Thailand for me is so easy. Mostly I can do what I want and I can be what I want to be too.

One major exception is that I cannot legally change my gender to female, and that means I am not legally able to be married.

So far it’s not really a big problem for my life here, but it’s something I hope the government will change. I do have one memorable bad experience relating to me being a transgender...

Four years ago I wanted to have a full-time job and I researched many companies. There was a company that asked me to interview.

I went to the interview but when I got there they told me that they won’t accept any transgenders for work because they were afraid that some of their customers will think that they have unprofessional staff members.

That hurt me quite a lot and was definitely a bad experience.

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I wish more girls out there would be more proud about the way they look and don't let anyone take the confidence away.
To many people have body issues mainly because of how others make them feel.
I say we are all beautiful and unique.
Beauty comes from within and it comes out if you know how to let it.

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Jessica Silva

We have to think that we have in us all the dreams of the world.

May these dreams, if we fight, can become reality, because this world is full of endless possibilities.

And although these possibilities may surprise you, if you do not give up, they can lead you to what you so desire.

We have to believe that we can be whatever we want, so let's fight for it, of course with training, workshop, and training, but we can do it!

Believe in yourself.

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