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  • Paula - modeling, health, life

    Paula - modeling, health, life

    I believe confidence comes from having inner peace and being satisfied with ourselves. None of us is perfect and that’s exactly what makes us human.

    We need to love our body even if it’s not perfect. Of course, we can try to develop it and makes our body look better, however, we are human and there are limits to what we can achieve.

    In addition, it is very important to find a supportive environment and to avoid negativity.

    We are like trees, if we are in the right soil then we can grow and flourish. Finding the right soil is like finding the right environment. Things start small then they grow.

    Don’t expect to get everything right the first time. It is a process and we shall learn from it.

    Accepting those elements will boost confidence, I believe.   

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  • Amy - be yourself and own it!

    Amy - be yourself and own it!

    I love being explicit, it’s a massive confidence booster! I make my own rules and stand by my boundaries creating a safe environment for myself.

    I feel so sexy when I do it but even more so I feel empowered.

    In total control of my own body and mind and fully in charge of the situation.

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  • Sofia - futura superestrella del modelaje / future modeling superstar

    Sofia - futura superestrella del modelaje / future modeling superstar

    Trabajar la confianza en uno mismo es Lo primordial para una modelo. es lo que la hace destacar en pasarela y en un shooting de fotos, estar segura de una misma, amarse y caminar con seguidad resaltará tu presencia y te dará la personalidad que necesitas para que tu trabajo destaque.

    Building self-confidence is paramount for a model. is what makes her stand out on the catwalk and in a photoshoot, being sure of yourself, loving yourself, and walking safely will highlight your presence and give you the personality you need to make your work stand out.

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  • Natalie - it is all about confidence

    Natalie - it is all about confidence

    Believe in yourself, confidence is key in modelling.

    Find the style you feel confident and comfy doing, that will automatically boost your confidence.

    Modelling brought me out of my shell and made me the person I am today.

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Sharon - si quieren algo luchen por conseguirlo, de eso se trata / if you want something, fight to get it

Mi humilde consejo para aquellas chicas que quieran empezar con el modelaje es confiar en sí mismas,

sentirse seguras y amarse es el primer paso para luchar por lo que quieren. 

Es cierto que hay envidia y mala onda, pero si quieren algo luchen por conseguirlo,

de eso se trata porque hay lugar para todas.


My humble advice for those girls who want to start with modeling is to trust themselves,

feel safe, and love each other is the first step to fight for what they want.

It is true that there are envy and bad vibes in this business,

but if you want something, fight to get it, because there is room for everyone.

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Charlotte - Believe in yourself and you can achieve anything

The confidence hasn't always been there for me. Modelling has definitely increased my self-esteem.

Your perfect just the way you are and you should show off what you have because nobody has it like you!

Finding a photographer who to trust and confide in for your first shoot is important, they can help give you guidance as well as help you excel in what you enjoy doing.

My motto is.. Believe in yourself and you can achieve anything.

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Chloe - when you model, you have more power in the court than you know

Body confidence, however, is a tricky topic as everyone’s bodies and responses to them are different.  It takes years for most people to love themselves and appreciate themselves, and that’s okay.  These things take time and I spent many years wanting to tear off my own skin as I hated a lot of things about myself, and oddly enough, most of the features I was picked on about are now contributions to why photographers book me for shoots! (I’m one of the few active models with light olive skin and dark hair, naturally curly hair in Exeter).   Although remember – any form of stress can impact on your body as well and lack of self-care as a result of stress can change your body, this is usually hit or miss so just keep that in mind.

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Autumn - Modelling was the birth of my confidence

I would describe my career so far as spontaneous. I worked harder than I had ever worked before at the beginning of my career and I still do, It’s brought me things I never thought I would be doing. I’ve been involved in tv work, including being cast on MTVs true love or true lies, flown out to model for a music video in Cyprus. I've featured in a fashion show. Shot with a jewelry brand, crisp brand, many clothing brands, and also had my image published. These are all the process of leading up to something great. 

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Samantha - I find itself empowering when I do nude modelling

I personally category myself within the alternative side of modelling mainly because of my tattoos and my piercings and how I dress, outside of modelling I dress like an alternative rock chick and I listen to rock and metal music.

However, I don't only just model alternative and dark looks. I do have a massive wide range of looks available within my modelling where I do much lighter looks such as 50's vintage, pinup, cosplay, glamour, and many more to give me a variety of looks to my portfolio.

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