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  • Fox


    Girls who want to become alternative models I can advise to be themselves.

    But for photos, it is necessary to be beautiful.

    You need to make a bright make-up, use expensive cosmetics so that your face does not look cheap.

    You have to be stubborn.

    Even if it does not work out, you need to try even harder.

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  • Dinara  - Stagger Girl

    Dinara - Stagger Girl

    Model: Dinara 

    Clothing Brand: Stagger 

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  • Каролина - Art of Fernando Santos

    Каролина - Art of Fernando Santos

  • Laytitia - Curly French Beauty

    Laytitia - Curly French Beauty


    What represents me totally, I always smile even when it does not go because over the years I have forged a carapace. The Mediterranean, I grew up under the sun of the Côte d'Azur which makes me sparkling and smiling every day.

    I am a very dreamy woman-child, I always wanted to be an artist but my lack of confidence made me unfortunately sometimes abandoned and thanks to the photo I was able to regain confidence in me and I intend to do everything to realize my dreams.

    Model: Laytitia @frenchcurlysensual

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Lili - Inked Model

J'ai eu ma période "nu". Mes photos étaient plutôt artistique, mélancoliques. Je ne suis pas attirée en tant que modèle par le nu trop sensuel ou sexy, car j’ai du mal avec ces mots quand on me décrit.

Je préfère de loin un beau nu artistique, avec une certaine intensité, et de la mélancolie. Voir un certain mal être .

En tant que spectatrice par contre, j'adore les photos de nu, quelles soit torturées, délicates, douces, ou même un peu plus osées.

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Jane - Life Lessons

You have to love yourself to find confidence. Don’t be afraid to wear what you want, express how you feel or say what you think - ever!! If anybody disapproves (and there will always be someone), don’t let it affect you - because our self-perception and self-confidence should never be determined by others.

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