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Art by Charles Fletcher

I'm Charles Fletcher a photographer of seven years from Saint Louis, Missouri with a passion for shooting Artistic, Implied and Erotic nudes.

I love the creative freedom and beauty that come with shooting nudes.

It allows me to experiment and explore without restrictions, insecurities, or comfort zones.

Just sheer confident artistic expression.

I'm inspired by the works of Helmut Newton, Tinto Brass, and Petter Hegre.

Charles Fletcher

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Bri - Before anyone realizes you don’t know what you’re doing, you will know what you’re doing

My advice is simple, don’t do what I did. Follow your dreams, no matter how ridiculous and unattainable they may seem; just do it! Not to quote Nike, but it's true. I became a model because it was a secular dream of mine after becoming a firefighter. I want all young girls to chase what makes them feel special, confident and at peace.

If you decide to take up modeling the one thing I can say with certainty is: DO NOT PAY FOR PHOTOSHOOTS OR AN AGENCY!

The agencies all look at young models as cash cows. I have had multiple interviews with multiple agencies and I have never been turned away until the conversation turns to fees. I have not, and will not, ever join an agency, I market myself better then any agency could, and I managed to keep my freedom. (Hence the name free-lance model)

Let me make this loud and clear if someone wants YOU as a model to pay for anything (and I mean anything), DO NOT work with them. If you are a hired model, you are working as a paid commodity which means you should be leaving the set with cash or cheque in hand.

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Vanessa - Natural Beauty

Im November bin ich auf der Miss Europe Continental Wahl in Neapel. Drückt mir die Daumen.

In November I'm at the Miss Europe Continental Election in Naples. 

Good luck, Vanessa!!!

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Nitti - Mermaid by Day, Vampire by Night

Ich fand die Musik von Nirvana gut... und Kurt hatte eine tolle Persönlichkeit... überhaupt haben mich Menschen beeindruckt... die ihr Ding machen ... und denen es egal ist was andere Leute denken....

I liked the music of Nirvana ... and Kurt had a great personality ... I was impressed by people ... who do their thing ... and who do not care what other people think...

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