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The LGBT in our community is accepted. We have an org named SEMGAB and it is an organization recognized by our local government unit. we have transgendered in all walks of life and we create activities that would expose us to the world to be understood and to be celebrated and accepted. 

Looking good starts with feeling good. If you don't accept yourself, then the world will follow.

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Be yourself! The more true you are to who you are and what your comfortable with, the better the pictures will be. Find what makes you excited to be in front of the camera and don't be afraid to push your limits. When you allow your unique voice to come through is when the magic happens.

Learn that everyone is different but there are many different forms of beautiful, be true to yourself and follow what makes you feel beautiful.

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GandraFotografia Art Presents Barbara

Urban Art Nomads proudly presents photographer Fernando Santo, a freelance photographer

By his words: I do photography by apixao, I particularly like to photograph female models. but I also photograph couples and all kinds of photography

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I started modeling 3 years ago. I followed all the 'suicide girls' on social networks. One day I woke up, and I said to myself 'why about me? Why not!' Then the story begins!

Alternative' modeling is my universe. You don't have to be perfect with perfect measurements. You can be tall, small, curvy, tiny. You can have huge breast, or not. You just can be yourself and that's what I like! Every woman is beautiful!

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