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Emmy - Playboy star

Be your own kind of beautiful, you don’t have to be like anyone else because that is your power. YOU ARE YOU and no one can take that from you or compete with that !

Can you tell us about your roots, about growing up?

I grew up in a little town in Belgium till my parents decided we are going to leave to live in France. i lived for 9years in France. it was an amazing opportunity. i’ve studied beauty and hair in 2 private schools in Bordeaux and Toulouse meanwhile i worked a lot during my study’s.


What were your childhood / teenage dream? What did you want to become ?
when i was a kid i wanted to be a lawyer, i always wanted to help people. but as i moved to France and had to learn french pretty quick i couldn’t do those study’s, the niveau is higher then here in Belgium. so i went to study beauty and hair.

Any idols during the teenage period ?
My mum, for all the ambition she had and still has. she is someone who doesn’t gives up on her dreams and i guess i got that from her.

When did you start with modeling? Can you recall your first photo session ?
I started modeling when i was younger, i was 16 i think. in the village where we lived we had a photographer that owned a studio and a shop and she asked me to do a couple of shots so i did that was the first time it was so cool, when i look back on those pictures now i laugh because I've learned so much since. i stopt for a while and began again this year. when i stand in a studio i feel alive, it feels like i matter to the world, and trough that i want to make a difference

Most interesting photo session so far ?
That will be the photoshoot that happened when i was in Croatia, for the Playboy edition for the summer.
I loved the people i’ve met there and the culture of those people. so generous and kind & so much history.
I had to push myself but i loved every second of it.

When did you realize that implied nude / art nude photos will be your next step like a model ?
I never saw myself as a portrait model, my body is my asset in a picture not my face and when they asked to pose for playboy Croatia it was an honor to do it. i also think that nude is normal and can be beautiful if its done with the right state of mind

Any implied nude / art nude role models ?
Marissa Papen

Who is in charge when it comes to posing during the photo session - you, photographer or both of you are involved in process of creation ?
It depends if its for a client he makes the decision if there i no client but portfolio work then we work on it together

Favorite lingerie during the photo session ?
I love black lingerie, its simple its pretty and i find it very sexy. i feel very confident when i’m wearing sexy lingerie, i think its the definition of feminism

Can you explain to our reader's nude art from your point of view ?
Nude is art to me, a way to express myself. i know a lot of people think its taboo and it shouldn’t be done because its a sin. i don’t think thats true, i see it as an form of art. and as Hugh Hefner said: « nude is normal « i don’t understand the taboo around it and its shouldn’t be .

There is still some kind of stigma when it comes to nude art. Why is that, what do you think ?
people see it as taboo, as something you shouldn’t share with everyone. i am proud when i’m naked on a picture and it looks amazing, i mean why wouldn’t i ? i has nothing to do with porn or anything not the kind of nude art i do. so i don’t understand the small minded people who think its not done.

What was the reaction from your friends when you published first nude photos ?
i must say at first they weren’t that confident, they asked me why i did it and didn’t agree. i had a big issue with a part of my family asking why i would do that to myself and i never understood why and i still don’t . nude is not a crime to my knowledge. everybody has his opinion and i respect that. my dad find it weird for seeing his little girl naked in a playboy but hey i guess thats normal but he is proud of my work. and my mum is one off my biggest fan, she is supper proud of me. my friends think its amazing what i do, they won’t do it but they are amazed so i guess the people that really matter stand behind me and have my back

What would be your advice to young girls who would like to start modeling career?
to be careful, a lot of people try to take advantage of the position they are in. never let them bully you around. always say what you think and do what you love and never ever let someone tell you you can’t do something. if you want to achieve something in live you will lose people but you will also gain people. and never do something you don’t want to do, not even if they offer you the world.


Can you give an advice, to people in general, how not to be ashamed of their body ? We have published curvy and plus size bikini & nude models, they have had a big problems with their confidence before they started do modeling.
be your own kind of beautiful, you don’t have to be like anyone else because that is your power. YOU ARE YOU and no one can take that from you or compete with that !

You have been published in Croatian Playboy this summer. Tell is more about that experience.
It was amazing, i was treated like a real life princess.
I must say i’m very proud of my work there

What kind of art, in general, do you like?
i love architecture, buildings . music in any form or type of it.

Any hobbies?
i’m obsessed with make up, i looking to get my licenses to do it professionally, i work out a lot so going to the gym is one of my most past times

Plans for the rest of 2017
i’m going to London, i’m looking to go to Germany and Nederland. 2018 will be big as well.

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Photographers :

Dave Groennesby
Drazen Komar
Gunther Frans
Koen Vandijck
Marc Janssens
Stefan Alen
Yannick Desmet