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Sini Supreme



For me, it’s embracing the beauty of a human body; shapes, sizes, curves. And also the body art (ink), if you have. I mean our bodies are amazing; how we can use, train, and shape them. Human bodies are the art of Mother Nature.

Can you tell us about your roots, about growing up?

I grew up in Finland, in a little town called Loimaa. I was a tomboy and my big brother was one of my idols back then (well, he still is). I loved to run in the forest and ride bikes and motorcycles. One of my favorite things was to play army with my younger cousins and little sister. I was the head commander for sure. Living in a small town in the middle of forest forced me to use my imagination, which later on led me to act and dancing.


What was your childhood / teenage dream? What did you want to become?

I was ten years old when we went to see a theater play from our school. My best friend was in the play, and when I saw her performing in the middle of the school day up on the stage in her pajamas, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. First of all, you can skip class, and be on your PJ´s in the middle of the day in front of a large crowd, how fricking cool is that?! That was the point at which I knew I wanted to be an actress.


Any idols during the teenage period?
Gwen Stefanie! My God what a Lady! Punk rocker, fashion idol, business woman and a lead singer in a band; one of a kind. Versatility is a charming thing and Gwen is an amazing example of how to do it with NO DOUBT of being fake.

When did you start with modeling? Can you recall your first photo session?

It must have been somewhere around 2009 ish. I founded an event company, which included a performing dance group, and back then we did our first promo shoot for the dance group. My besties who were part of the group gave me a nickname on the set “she who never gets enough of the camera" because I was just throwing poses one after another without any directions or guidance from the photographer. It just felt so natural.


You would like to become an actress in action movies. Tell us more about that.

As a dancer, my body language wants to tell stories too, so that’s why I consider myself to be more of a physical actor than just a basic one. I love roles where I can use dancing skills, fight, use weapons like swords & guns, fly in the air or roll on the floor. For me, acting is so multi-dimensional that I feel trapped if I only have to use words. Roles like Harley Quinn, Tomb Raider and Alice in Resident Evil are my dream roles as well as being a bad ass Scandinavian Viking princess. I have training for the broadsword, rapier, dagger and unarmed in stage combat, so I´m ready!!

Rock'n'Roll pole dancer. What kind of pole dancing is that? How did you get involved in pole dancing?

I founded an event company and as a side business I also ran my own dance studio. We needed to push the limits, being the only private dance studio in the area, and what would be more convenient than to bring a pole dance to the countryside. I’m still thankful to my employees back in the day for the idea and the encouragement. It literally changed my life when I needed to took over the pole lessons at my studio and learn the skills to teach it. Then I got hooked, and here I am, on the other side of the world in a work-study program at one of the best pole and aerial studios in the world, and my journey has just begun. Rockn roll is the style I want to perform on the pole, and it's more than just a dance style, it’s a lifestyle.


Tell us more about your aerial skills that you would like to use on the screen.

Like in Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn´s aerial entrance using bed sheets as silks; I´d have started with some slow and sexy leg hangs and ended with a sudden backdrop hanging upside down in front of the guard.Or battle with zombies in a construction building where you can do crazy spins climbs and leg hangs on pipes and pillars while shooting me down.

You are into nude art photos too. Can you explain to our reader's nude art from your point of view? Also, your raw sexy energy, as you have written at Model Mayhem - what do you consider by that?

For me, it’s embracing the beauty of a human body; shapes, sizes, curves. And also the body art (ink), if you have. I mean our bodies are amazing; how we can use, train, and shape them. Human bodies are the art of Mother Nature.
The raw sexy energy comes from my Scandinavian heritage; it makes me very present and intense on set.


You have several tattoos. Can you tell us more about them and do you have plans to do more tats.

Oh dear, here we go. I had my first tattoo done when I was 17 years old. None of my tattoos are from catalogs, they are unique and one of a kind. Every tattoo has a story and personal meaning. Couple ones to mention is a Mom tattoo on my right shoulder. Many people ask if she is dead, I´m like “Hell no!” She is the strongest woman and the most amazing mom I know. I want to embrace her while she lives. I also have a micro dermal piercing in that tattoo which makes it very unique and cool... Yes, the piercing is in my shoulder muscle, it hurt like hell when I got it done.
- And my Marilyn in my right thigh. Marilyn Monroe has so many different meanings for me. Usually, people characterize her as a bimbo blonde sex symbol, but for me, she was a misunderstood, lost soul who just wanted to be accepted as the way she was. I´m also fascinated by the magic of her beauty, it still lives on, even decades later…
I want to give a big shout out to my amazingly talented tattoo artist Jussi from Joker The Tattoo Shop (FIN). Most of my tattoos are made by him, so definitely check him out if you are planning to take a tattoo while visiting in Finland (IG; @jaytee_joker_the_tattoo_shop).
Sure there are more tattoos to come, so stay tuned... 

What would be your advice to young girls who would like to start modeling career?
Do your own thing, trust your intuition, stand behind your choices and don´t let anybody to drag you down. And sure, use common sense, the industry is sketchy.

11. What kind of art, in general, do you like?
Modern, dark, realism; seeing beauty in places that most of the people doesn´t see. Favorite photographer: Nikki Sixx; Poets: Jim Carroll & Edgar Allan Poe, Actor: Marlene Dietrich. Overall “outside of the box” thinkers.


Any hobbies?
Snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, kickboxing, going to rock shows and tarot reading.

Plans for 2017?
Figure out how to stay in the US after October when my visa expires.

Instagram: @sinisupreme & @cinnamonchardonnay
Facebook: Sini Lindholm
Snap chat: ziniliini