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Gaia - Curvy, sensual Mediterranean girl


I'm a curvy model. I love to use my best friend: my body. I want to show people that if you have a body with curves you can show it. Why you shouldn't?

I'm Gaia, I'm 24 years old and I live in Milan. Milan is a city where you can find everything and where live a lot of different cultures. And of course, it's the capital of fashion!
When I was a child, I would like to be a dancer. I love music and the way you can express feelings and emotions with the dance. And now? I'm going to finish the study to become a psychology and I start modeling.


Yes, at first it was just for fun 'cause I need some professional photos to start working as a hostess. And now? I'm in love with this work!
I start modeling too late, two years ago when I was 23. 'Cause in Italy work as a model with my body it's really difficult.

I'm a curvy model. I love to use my best friend: my body. I want to show people that if you have a body with curves you can show it. Why you shouldn't?

If you eat healthy food, do sport and love your body you have not to be shy to show your curves.
This is why I start modeling: I would like to stop with prejudice against women with a size over 0. I take part of a project of Barbara Christmann: Beautiful curvy. This is a blog where every kind of woman can feel beautiful and where we write about fashion not only for skinny but even for curvy women.

Some photographers noticed me and they helped me to improve my poses, my standing, and my self-confidence.
I love everything that is elegant: lace and silk. Yes, I'm a romantic woman.

I prefer to do shooting portraits and glamor. I love the emotional portraits and the elegance of the glamour style.
During the photo sessions I haven't a personal makeup artist: I like to change and see different way and style.

In Italy, it's really difficult to become a model. You need both talent and hard work. It's more difficult for women with my size, 'cause in Italy the concept of "curvy model" it isn't so approved.
The trendy of 2017 in makeup? Ah, I'm really happy because now the new trend is the nude makeup. I love it! The woman should be simple and elegant and she can't hide her beautiful behind a strong makeup.        
Why do I choose psychology? I'm a person who loves helping people using the resources of everyone. I like listening, I think it's an art that not all people have. I'm always fascinated by the people's mind, so I would like to understand more about it.
I have other hobbies: I like traveling and music.
When I finish my studies, I will travel a lot to discover other cultures and places around the world.


Music is my passion, at the end of a hard day I like to close in my room and listen to music, every kind of music.
My plans for 2017? I will graduate and start working as psychology. In the same time, I will continue to spread the message of body positivity against body shaming.


Facebook: gaia.pinto.1
Facebook page: gaiapintocurvymodel
Instagram: gaia_pnt