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Kami - Love yourself. Your natural body is Art.

Many people do not differ from erotic art and pornography. The body of a
 woman is beautiful and showing her in an innocent way can result in a job of
art. We still live in a conservative society and there is still some freedom
places where the woman's body is admired. The naked photos of the women show them
glamorous and sure of their bodies.
My body does not have surgery yet and I like that. I have nothing against
women who do, but I think every person is free to do with their bodies
what they want to do.
However, I like to model without being a slave of measures. It's just a
a matter of having a healthy life, exercising and eating well. There is nothing wrong
to enjoy a chocolate bar, a quick meal with your friends, and not go for a
day to the gym. Enjoy life, be happy.
Modeling has helped me a lot with my own self. We as women are sometimes
very perfectionists and we see ourselves fat, skinny, ugly, old, etc., we are
we are never happy with what we are, we always want to change something, we have
some part of the body of space.
But when I started to model, I saw my body, my face, my expressions and I
I fell in love with myself I realized that I liked what I saw, I am very grateful to
I do not want to change anything about myself I just need to love myself and
take good care of me
Besides not having ant surgery and showing some of my imperfections makes me
feel proud of myself to show a real woman, not a plastic woman with some
parameters that society has told us about how a woman should be.

 There are still some stigmata on the nudes, I had to talk to my mother and make her understand that my photos are far from being pornographic. She
I finally understood it and now I admire my work. The same thing happens with some people, every day I have all kinds of comments, some good some
and there are some people who think that showing the body is bad and naughty and relate that to the pornography, easy girls, etc. I think this
happens because there are still people who do not have an open mind to new concepts and judge something without knowledge.

 I was born in Manizales, Caldas- Colombia. I am an only child.
I`m social comunicator and journalist and I have a especialization in Organizational Comunication
I work with the national goverment in a institution it name is Función Pública. I work in estrategic comunicaciones, I make the inside comunication and make videos there.

I move to Bogotá in 2014 for reasons job . Before I was journalist in Manizales for local tv news in "La Patria TV" and TVA Noticias


 I have always wanted to change the world. For that I'm punk and vegetarian. In the ideologies punks indentifie me for concepts as freedom, equality, animal protection,anarchy, etc The punk is my lifestyle, the lyrics of that music make me feel its ideology on freedom, equality, protection, solidarity . And I'm vegetarian because I love animal and I protect them. There are many options of food and I think it isn't necessary to eat the animals. It`s my little contribution for the change the world

I started modeling in 2014. My first session was with a co-worker, he bought a Professional camera and went to a nice place in Manizales to take photos. He
the photos were impressive and after tat other photographers told me that I should take more photos.



My favorite place for the photo shoot is in nature. The places where you feel freedom they're my favorites.

My advice to girls who want to model is to love themselves and accept as they are. Beauty is a subjective concept and it is amazing
See all the different types of women out there. I do not think it's good to go to surgery, being a skinny girl or a beautiful girl, you just need to have a relaxed atmosphere
and healthy living, have a lot of attitude and hard work for what you want.

 I like all kinds of art. I'm a filmmaker because I think cinema is something Magic. I also love music as a source of energy for my life. I'm a singer in a
punk band and it's something I like to do as a therapy for my existence. I also love photography because it allows me to capture unique moments. I also
love theater. My hobbies are read, model, sing with my punk band, write for different media, make videos and share time with my pets. I'm cat lover. I have 3 kitens and I have 2 tattoos of 2 of them. They are Sara,
April and Tommy.


 My plan for the rest of 2017 is to go to South America, finish my English study and always strive to achieve the goals of doing what I love the majority.

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