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Laytitia - Curly French Beauty


What represents me totally, I always smile even when it does not go because over the years I have forged a carapace. The Mediterranean, I grew up under the sun of the Côte d'Azur which makes me sparkling and smiling every day.

I am a very dreamy woman-child, I always wanted to be an artist but my lack of confidence made me unfortunately sometimes abandoned and thanks to the photo I was able to regain confidence in me and I intend to do everything to realize my dreams.

Model: Laytitia @frenchcurlysensual


I introduce myself, my name is Laytitia and I'm 33 years old. I was born in the Var in the south of France and I grew up in Cannes where I live now.

When I was a child my dream was to become a great international singer and to join the magazine of the Moulin Rouge or Crazy Horse and for that I took classes in classical dance, jazz, and hip-hop, I also did part of the cheerleaders and a choir. In 2012 a friend and I set up a drunken band with a composer and I was able to enjoy and learn from each of my passions.

My days are generally very rhythmic, I have to juggle between my 10-year-old son, my professional and artistic life.

3 years ago, I started a little by chance modeling, I put online a book music where I presented my songs and some small concert. Sometime later I was contacted by the photographer of a French magazine, he then told me that I should make a photo book because according to him I had a lot of potentials, so that's what I do and since then only confirms this and I thank him again for his advice.

My first experience in front of the lens was quite intimidating, but the photographer was very cool and fun, it made me laugh and everything was done naturally, I really loved and thanks to the photo I found confidence in myself.

The kind of pictures I prefer are the glamorous and boudoir photos because I am a big fan of lingerie. I love the sensuality that emerges from these images and that put the beauty of the woman in value without any vulgarity, I like that it is subjective and sweet.

In general, I work feeling for my poses during the shooting, a few days before I prepare a mood board to inspire me on the theme chosen by the photographer. I invest a lot to have a great rendering, it also happens that during the shooting the photographer guides me according to what he sees in his lens, it's really a sharing.

During my lingerie shootings, I love wearing lace bodysuits, lingerie, I prefer a Brazilian or a tanga rather than a string and I also love stockings.

My first nude experience was for a project called * the goddesses * with a photographer with a huge talent Mr. Becco Eliacik

  • I was a little stressed the first 5 minutes and then made it did not change me so much, but for the photos we, I'm pretty demanding that it's really artistic, as I could to have with Mr. Becco, it was really great and I thank him again.
  • For me haute couture represents the fashion in which one can express one's own personality. My most glamorous brands for me are, Chanel, Dior, Jean Paul Gauthier and of course for lingerie the brand that I love above all Aubade.

    If I have any advice to give to girls who start in this business is to already do 1book and be accompanied by a person of confidence, learn about the photographer and his work, always sign a contract of law to the image and above all do not try to look like someone else but have your own personality and especially keep it simple.

    If I can give advice to people who are complexed is to do a photo shoot, it really helps to see other than as we see and it's good for morale. The beauty has no rules, it is inside and if you are positive you feel really better about yourself, like you as you are.

    My plans for 2018:

    This year I finally for the first time tour in music video clip where I could try to act and I really loved playing a role, so I will this year devote myself to acting, I will start with figuration, ad, and video clip and then try to go to the cinema and in parallel continue my work model photo.

    I thank Urban Nomads Magazine very much for their interest and I am delighted to be able to appear, it is an honor for me to introduce myself and show you the work accomplished with all the photographers with whom I was able to shoot, as well as the creators, make-ups, hairdressers and assistants who participated in these beautiful projects. I kiss you very much and tell you very soon for new adventures.







Model: Laytitia