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Lea - I didn‘t change, I just found myself

When regarding my pictures, people often say the pics impress such a calm energy, a relaxing and beautiful one and ask what's the magic behind it. 

All I can say is that i really feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera.

I trust my intuition and just move like I feel - without pretending - just beeing the way I am.

I don't like too much picture editing or too much make-up on my skin.

I like it more naturally.

I was born in Stuttgart, Germany and since my studies of industrial engineering I live in Karlsruhe. My modeling career began about one and a half year ago. A photographer said to me on the street that he likes my vibe and would like to do a photoshoot with me. I am a curious person and love making new expercences so I said yes, let's have a try. Naturally the first photoshoot wasn't a lingerie one, it was more fashion and portrait and we were very happy with the results. I don't know why but instantly I felt good in front of the camera and quickly got used to posing. So for me it was clear that the first photoshoot wouldn't be the last and gladly I got very good feedback. The second photoshoot was a lingerie one and I was more excited but I really enjoyed it and felt quickly comfortable with it. I love to express feelings and femininity in front of the camera - not only posing but also telling stories or expressing vibes. I am often told that my vibe is really sensual and that fits good into my preferred kind of photosession - the lingerie and portrait ones. I've already been model for different lingerie/underwear collections. But i also do fashion and lifestlye shoots. Every shoot is different, that makes it so exciting.  I really always have fun while shooting and also like trying new or crazy things - if that means to stand up at 3 am in the morning just to catch the dawn, swimming with clothes in the sea or climbing an hill at an earthwork  in underwear - I'm game. Often the best ideas and pics are created spontanously.  

To be honest I have not always felt so comfortable in my body as I do now. It was a long way for me to body positivity and selfacceptance. Meditation, Practice of mindfulness and yoga helped me a lot to achieve a good body feeling and self-esteem and now I can say I really like me the way I am. Beauty is not defined about sizes, body measurements or color. Every person is  unique and wonderful in its own way.


What began as a hobby is now like a second job. My main occupation is Productmanager in the IT-Sector but I reduced my working hours for having more time left for shoots. I don't want that all my weekends got blocked for shootings - i also need free time for hobbies, friends and family. Many people wonder how i could handle so really different worlds and how that fits - the rational and more masculine world of IT-Management and the more feminine and exciting modeling world. To be honest i don't know. I like both worlds and have both sides in me and wouldn't like to miss one of them. Thus I am very happy that I can pursue both. In my free time I love spending time in nature, doing sports (Pilates, Pole dance and Yoga), playing piano, traveling and for sure spending time with family and friends.

My plans for the rest of 2021? I want to improve my piano and pole dance performnce. And I am really happy that the Corona Situation is getting more relaxed so I can travel again. I would love to visit some countries in South America - perhaps I can combine it with a photoshoot.