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Lou - I am proud of what I've achieved and I've worked hard to feel confident with my body

There's been a lot of changes for me over the last year with work/life balance etc, so I'm trying to get back in a good routine with my fitness and continue to push myself. I am planning on competing again next year as that's my big 50th year so I plan to give it my all and come home with some more trophies!! So focus on fitness and building will have to start around Aug/Sep and I plan to still do as much modelling as I can in between. I've worked with many talented photographers but there's still more on my radar!  I have also just recently started to Pole which I love so cannot wait to learn more dance based routines and show this off too!

I'm so thankful I did this in my life, I have met the most amazing people along the way and have the most amazing images to look back on... do it, you will have no regrets!


 When did you start with modeling ? Can you recall your first photo session ? At what age did you start with photo sessions? 

I first started modelling seriously in June 2020. I had competed in a Fitness Competition in 2019 and my aim was to gain more confidence in front of a camera and also on stage. With the lockdowns and gyms being closed I was struggling with motivation and focus so having shoots booked in gave me the drive I needed to keep up with the fitness routine even at home. I had modelled a little bit when I was about 18yrs old in local beauty competitions but I was so nervous and body conscious, I didn't pursue it any further. My first photo session was last year when I was 47 yrs old. It was with a local amateur photographer who had hired an apartment for several shoots with various models. Again I was very nervous and had no idea what to expect or what to do! He was very patient and understanding which definitely helped me to relax. I enjoyed it a lot and the images turned out well for the first attempt! I then had 2 more quite quickly after that which I knew I had to relax more, facially as well as with my body. I watched Youtube clips on how to model and how to use your surroundings or clothing/hair etc as props. It helped so much as the images just got better.

 You are amazing lingerie / boudoir model. Can you tell us about your point of view when it comes to good lingerie / boudoir photos ? How picky you are, what makes you most feminine / sexy so you can do your best in front of the camera.

My goal with all my shoots is to look at the images and be 100% happy with them myself. I also wanted to keep images classy, sexy and seductive.. not overly sexualizing and not overly graphic. I have done more topless / nude images recently but I only do these with photographers who I know want the same look as me. A woman's body is beautiful and I want to create art and appreciation of the female body not just take a picture for the sake of being naked. Lingerie is key to getting the right look and is definitely what makes me feel sexy and feminine! There is so much beautiful lingerie to choose from and you don't have to spend a fortune. Choosing the right lingerie that compliments your figure is very important, everyone has their own insecurities so if you don't feel comfortable in what you are wearing it will show! I am an older model so I am very picky and very self critical but ultimately you have to be in a place where you love your own skin, this is what makes good photos. Also a good photographer should give you feedback along the way, encouragement etc so hearing this makes me relax more and enjoy the shoot and feel like I'm doing something right !

 You are a woman who is full of self confidence. Can you give an advice to all aspiring models and woman your age who would love to start with   lingerie / boudoir / modeling, but they are either afraid to show their body  or they are in a state of mind “what will  people say!”. 

How to boost self confidence ?! 

Self confidence definitely comes with age! You also have to realize that even the most beautiful women in the world will have their days when they have their own insecurities and self doubt. Its very hard not to compare as well in this industry but always remember while you are thinking God I wish my butt was like hers, someone else will be wishing their butt was like yours! Its about running your own race and knowing that everything is beautiful, slim, curvy, athletic, muscular, big boob, small boobs.. beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It can be a worry thinking about what people will say, but I think if anyone is negative its usually because they only wish secretly they had the confidence to do it as well. You will be surprised who supports you and who doesn't, jealously really does show who your true friends are. To be in a place where you think I don't care what people say, its a very liberating feeling. I am proud of what I've achieved and I've worked hard to feel confident with my body so I am happy to show it off! We are only here once and to not do something you would love to do, is sad. My advice would be to choose a photographer with a good reputation and good feedback and to just go with the flow, even take a friend for moral support... have your levels and limits set beforehand.. a good photographer will not push this either! Remember they are not looking down the lens and thinking about what you are wearing and how much you are showing, they are looking at the lighting, angles, background and basically trying to get create the best image that makes you look amazing !! And most of all have fun, have a laugh, put some music on.. and when those images drop.. its such a buzz !

 Tell us about your fitness life and fitness passion

I always tried to keep fit but time constraints, whether it be children or relationships seemed to hold me back. In my late 30's I started to run to keep fit and socialise but found that I used to suffer with a lot of injuries. I used to get very frustrated as I have a competitive streak and wanted to push myself all the time. In the end I had to stop running and I had to re-think how to keep motivating myself.  I started with weights and joined a gym group that did classes focussing on weight training. This then gave me the confidence to use the weights area in the gym which for females is very daunting as its mostly male dominated. I went to a Fitness Expo back in 2018 and saw my first Fitness Model competition on stage and thought Wow.. all these amazing ladies with sparkly bikinis on looking in the most amazing shape! What an achievement to be able to do that and that's where my love of body building and being strong started... seeing definition and growth became my goal not just being slim and a small dress size. The changes in my body didn't happen over night but took months/years but I love the changes, mentally and physically. 

 How often do you work out and what would be your advice when it comes to healthy food regime? t

I try to work out with weights a minimum of 4 times a week, if possible 5. I walk daily if I can, a minimum of 3 miles sometimes 4. Its hard when you work full-time to dedicate this much time but its all about your priorities and for me now, this is my life style. My diet is generally healthy, I don't count calories when I'm not competing but I tend stick to the same food prep.. I cook all my own food so high protein meals and eat my carbs around training. Of course I like meals out and alcohol too but I find alcohol ruins me for days after so this is once in a while for special occasions! Fitness pal is a great app to track your calories and also macro splits so you can see if you are consuming too many fatty foods or carbs etc. If your serious about changing your lifestyle i would definitely recommend a personal trainer to start you off on your journey! I've had 3 now which were all great and gathering all their wisdom along the way has benefitted me greatly!