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Art by Tilo - Stefanie

My name is Stefanie, I’m 28 years old. I live with my sons Jamie and Liam in Saxony/Germany. October 2020 I started with modeling.

Over time, you get to know many photographers with whom you work together. Some you like, others you don't and then there are those who turns from photographer to a friend. One of them is Tilo. I took a long time to agree to a shooting because I was always a bit suspicious of new photographers whether they really do it professionally. To my first shooting with Tilo I brought a companion, but with a lot of humor and a very relaxed mood, the ice was quickly broken. Today Tilo is not only a photographer for me, but also my friend with whom I can talk about everything and always expect an honest answer. I think this is also reflected in our pictures. I trust Tilo 100% and feel comfortable when we shoot. I know I can always say if I don't like something and vice versa. We work together on our ideas and make them happen. That's what I wish every aspiring model, a photographer with wit and humor, where you can express your wishes and concerns without hesitation. I think that Tilo not only helped me to develop as a model, for me he with his personality is also an enrichment for my life.


I can remember very well at my first shooting. The closer the appointment came, the more excited I became. Because it was not just any shooting but a nude one. How would that go? What would the photographer think when he sees me naked and am I even pretty enough for such pictures? All these questions popped into my head at once.

Now the time had come, the photographer was there. My worries were gone in no time and I felt super comfortable in front of the camera. From time to time we went through the pictures together and I thought: That’s me? I look that beautiful?

It was a super relaxed evening, we laughed a lot and the results speak for themselves. That evening I decided that this is what I want to do.


The lingerie for my shootings I choose together with my partner, because he knows what I like and what suits me. I find it very important for the shootings that you feel comfortable and sexy, because only if you are convinced that you look gorgeous, you can show that in your pictures.

I like to wear bondage to my shootings very much. Sure it is a lot more elaborate than lingerie, but a rope is very changeable and I love the texture of the rope on my skin.


Nude photography, the thin ridge between aesthetics and cheap - but what is the difference? I have been asked this very often and the answer is simple. The art of nude photography is to show everything and yet nothing. It's not just a picture of any genital area. Light, shadow and pose need to match perfectly. A picture is good when I can be totally naked and you still see nothing. It gives the viewer enough room for their own imagination.

Nude photography should be sensual, stimulating and aesthetic and not a clumsy "look, here is a picture of my vagina". 

I often hear from young women "I'd like to have your confidence too" or "Aren't you afraid that people will talk about you?" or "It's very easy for you, you're so slim".

Hey I am just like you. It's human not to look perfect all the time. I have two little sons and therefore not infrequently dark circles under my eyes because I was awake way too long again. Of course, I also have a little tummy when I have just eaten my favorite food.

 I don't care what others think or say about me. I have done what I enjoy and if that doesn't fit into the small spiritual world of others, it’s not my problem. I am free in spirit and will only do what makes me happy. And someday when I’m old and wrinkled I will sit in my chair and say "YES I DID IT!"

You don't need to be afraid of doing something wrong. A good photographer will always get the best out of you.

But the better you master your poses, the more confident you will become and you will see it feels great to be naked in front of the camera.