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Susan Swan - Some people chase dreams, I make mine come true. Domination is a natural state of any woman

I want everyone to hear! 
Don't be afraid to change yourself radically. Life is so short that there is no time to think long.
The most important aspects for every woman are
independence and freedom.
I want to share honestly how
did I find my own freedom..

I was born in Greece. When I was one year old, my family moved to Latvia. I started working in the restaurant industry. Of course, I can cook the most delicious food and decant the wine.
But...That was not the ultimate dream for me. I always wanted to become someone who is
inspired and can inspire other people. One day I realized that I am tired of everything.
For that moment,
I decided I had to change myself completely...

I created special shows with feet and pearls.

Fate always brings us surprises.
Somehow I ended up in Prague,
where I met Katya Tiuni,
the founder of the MG STUDIO.
She introduced me the world of
webcam and LiveJasmin
where I work as a webcam model.
Being a model is not a regular job.
On the one hand we want to be accepted
just like people of any other profession,
but on the other webcamming
becomes your
lifestyle and takes more time than
most other jobs do.
Models give a little part of their souls
to every visitor,
to every subscriber and fan,
so we have really big souls and
we need to take care of our mental resources
to be always full,
so we could keep on sharing them!
No matter, what I am doing on my free time:
shopping, travelling, relaxing, sports.
I always think, how can I apply it to streaming,
how can I use it for improving
my professional skills.
Livejasmin regularly adds
new cool functions and
I have to master it quickly to give
my members the best experience.
I am a perfectionist;
I can not work at half strength
or let myself be lazy.
When I entered webcam industry,
it was a dark forest for me.
Up to this stage I was afraid of my own reflection in the mirror.
I was very shy and modest.
Thanks to Olga Negru,
she is a fetish expert, who helped me turn my
complexes into virtues.
She guided me to meet my inner Queen.
Now my favorite fetishes are
nylon, latex, leather and footfetish.

I became a true expert of latex wish you could see my full collection,
it occupied the most space in my house.
What really attracts me in latex is its
pure aesthetic and feeling of
tightest hug you could ever get.
When my members see me all dressed up,
their hearts literally skip a beat.
But at the same time,
I also enjoy being a sexy woman just naturally.
Because I believe domination is a natural state of any woman.
I dominate even when I do not analyze myself.
I love feeling of full power over the man,
making him helpless in front of my cold but
passionate face.
But private shows are not enough for
online submissives.

That is why I started my Onlyfans career,
to let men serve me even when I am offline,
with subscribing on me and
watching my content
even when I am not in touch with them.

That is what I like:
to keep my people close to me,
to build special intimate connections
with my fans.
I even began studying video editing
to improve myself in making videos;

Every content creator
is an artist and wants his works
to be seen and appreciated.
Now I can safely say that
I am proud of my work.
I am close to my 40-s and
I already feel a real freedom.
I value my choice and enjoy my life.
I have many goals for my future and
I confidently go to them!
I am really happy that
I got an opportunity to discover myself
and open my own studio!

I was working with an amazing photographer
Дина Иванчевская