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  • Thea - Beauty gets the attention, but personality gets the heart

    Thea - Beauty gets the attention, but personality gets the heart

    Hi, I’m Thea and I’ve been a webcam model for over five years.

    It started as a way to get over shyness and discover my body and sexuality and it has become a stable and profitable job. Most people judge this industry so badly, but you know “ when you don’t taste a kind of food, you say it is not tasty”. I started to love this job because of the wonderful people I met online and i am very grateful.

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  • Sara - È il mio cattivo atteggiamento che mi mantiene giovane / It's my bad attitude that keeps me young

    Sara - È il mio cattivo atteggiamento che mi mantiene giovane / It's my bad attitude that keeps me young

    Parlare di me di fronte ad un pubblico mi mette sempre un po' a disagio ma oggi ho deciso di aprirmi e farmi conoscere meglio. Sono Sara e sono nata e cresciuta a Roma. Ho 26 anni, sono laureata in lingue e letterature straniere, amo tutto ciò che sia arte, dal Cinema, alla pittura e naturalmente la fotografia.
    Per me posare è stato un po' come mettermi alla prova, cercare di accettare anche i miei difetti ed entrare a contatto con un mondo del tutto nuovo ed affascinante.
    Non sono una modella professionista e non intendo fare questo nella vita, il mio sogno è diventare un tour operator per questo continuo sempre a studiare nell'ambito turistico ma diciamo che il posare mi occupa molto tempo e l'ho fatto diventare un secondo lavoro.
    Talking about myself in front of an audience always makes me a little uncomfortable but today I decided to open up and make myself known better. I am Sara and I was born and raised in Rome. I am 26 years old, I have a degree in foreign languages and literature, I love everything that is art, from cinema, to painting and of course photography.
    For me, posing was a bit like putting myself to the test, trying to accept even my flaws and getting in touch with a completely new and fascinating world.
    I am not a professional model and I do not intend to do this in life, my dream is to become a tour operator for this reason I always continue to study in the tourism sector but let's say that posing takes me a lot of time and I have made it a second job.
  • Maddy -  spigoloso e di classe / edgy and classy

    Maddy - spigoloso e di classe / edgy and classy

    Maddy, del sud trapiantata al nord,sono tornata a posare dopo tanto tempo, per lavoro e divertimento, mi piacciono le location outdoor e urbex , i progetti non banali, non le foto scontate sul divano, dico sempre che un bel lato b su un divano è un lato b su un divano, un lato b in una bella location è tutta un altra cosa,ho alcuni proggetti di shooting che non sono ancora riuscita a realizzare ,s ono alla ricerca di un paio di location particolari e di una modella con cui fare uno shooting assieme. Dicono che sono dominante , ma ho bisogno di condividere il progetto del fotografo e che lui mi faccia sentire a mio agio, raramente faccio nudo completo e sicuramente non faccio "Met"
    Maddy, from the south transplanted to the north, I returned to pose after a long time, for work and fun, I like outdoor and urbex locations, non-trivial projects, not cheap photos on the sofa, I always say that a nice b-side on a sofa is a b-side on a sofa, a b-side in a beautiful location is a whole other thing, I have some shooting projects that I have not yet managed to realize, I am looking for a couple of particular locations and a model with to do a shooting together. They say I'm dominant, but I need to share the photographer's project and that he makes me feel at ease, I rarely do full nude and I definitely don't "Met"
  • Crystal - you need to feel like a star in front of the camera

    Crystal - you need to feel like a star in front of the camera

    My advice for all girls who don't trust themselves is to start looking in the mirror more often.  We have to think that each person has something special.  If we do not love ourselves, no one will love us. Because only by loving ourselves we can shine and make anyone fall in love with us because of the confidence we emanate. 
    I also had a lack of confidence years ago and I felt bad because I thought I’m not beautiful enough cause I was too skinny. So I decided  to make some changes, I started to fill my time with beneficial things so that I don't have time to think negatively (going to the gym, to the beauty salon, shopping) and to get the toxic people out of my life (Toxic people make things worse in these cases)

Keke - Indonesian Jewel

Since the beginning of my modeling career, I was comfortable and happy to do artsy nude/lingerie/boudoir photo sessions. 
I am working with foreign photographers who love to shoot Asian natural looks girls, like me.
Brown skin, flat nose, long black hair.
Modeling photos for me is a side job and hobby.
I learned all pose, mood, gesture, expression from foreign models on social media.

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Carolina - en armonía con nuestro cuerpo y mente / in harmony with our body and mind

Sin dudas only fans no es para cualquier persona, y no creo esto sea un “problema”, sino una forma de ir descubriendo nuestra personalidad; tener o no tener esta plataforma no nos hace menos o más seguras de nosotras mismas y creo que tener eso claro es un gran comiendo para conocernos y ver por qué camino nos sentimos mejor, ese es el objetivo, estar bien, en armonía con nuestro cuerpo y mente, y, sin duda, con lo que hacemos con ello. 

Undoubtedly only fans is not for everyone, and I don't think this is a "problem", but rather a way of discovering our personality; Having or not having this platform does not make us less or more sure of ourselves and I think that having that clear is a great meal to get to know each other and see which way we feel better, that is the goal, to be well, in harmony with our body and mind, and certainly with what we do with it.

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Fem Nude Embrace: Montana - Nudity is Natural

Sexualizing nudity falls under "a learned behavior" which term-wise is interchangeable with one's perspective or viewpoint. However you frame it the point is that it's taught to us from a very young age.  Unfortunately, our society propagates this 'groupthink' about nudity and semi-nudity equating to eroticism when actually nudity is a physiological characteristic of humans.

Karyss - Unique Alt model

My name's Karyss, I'm 25 from Plymouth in Devon, UK. I have been modelling for nearly 12 years.
I first started out in camera clubs back in July 2009 as a model with beginner photographers as I too could learn whilst they were as well.
I found this was a great way to further my knowledge with something I wanted to get into since I was little.

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