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  • Miss Trans Star International Chile - Fabiana Andrea Tobar

    Miss Trans Star International Chile - Fabiana Andrea Tobar

  • Mary - Alt Model

    Mary - Alt Model

  • GANDRAFOTOGRAFIA - Beauty of Sonia

    GANDRAFOTOGRAFIA - Beauty of Sonia

    Model:  Sonia

    Photographer: Fernando Santos

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  • Linda


    Bonjour tout le monde,

    Tout d’abord je tiens à me présenter. Je m’appelle Linda RAGOT et j’ai actuellement 18 ans. Je suis très reconnaissante de pouvoir m’exprimer ici aujourd’hui.

    Hey everyone,

    First of all, I’m going to introduce myself. My name is Ragot Linda and I just turned 18 last October. I’m glad today to be able to speak here.

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Just go for it!! And never Let people tell u that u cant, cause believe me you can.. and if you can dream it you can do it.. sorry cliché but its what I believe in. Start taking pictures of yourself and practice in the mirror I do it every day and yes it looks dump 😂 but it can help. Look around on Instagram and follow other models and photographers for inspiration, be different, be you ❤

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Rachel D - Alt Model

A change in perspective can work wonders in the case of self -love. Instead of focusing on the things you “think” you don’t have, or lack, being grateful for the body you do have, & the things it is capable of will just reinforce a mindset of love, instead of a “woe is me” way of thinking.  Plus, we are all so different & just doing our best in this crazy world. Being able to be comfortable with yourself & not playing the game of comparison is a beautiful quality, & something I’m still working on personally, to tell you the truth.

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Mrs. Calypso - Natural Charm, Natural Beauty

A hashtag I always use is #youdoyou. That’s what’s most important to me. There will always be haters, always be people that think their opinion is the only one that counts, but at the end of the day, if you are happy with who you are, what you do, your look, the way you feel, your health, those are the only things that are important. Because you have to be able to go through the day, fight your fights, deal with your struggles, nobody else can do that for you. So you have to know what helps you get up in the morning, what motivates you, what gives you confidence. Don’t let that be determined by other people.

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2017 has been treating me pretty fair. I got a job and started my college this year. Actually, this is not my first job nor college, but at least they are in the United States. Because of them, I can hardly set up a schedule for photoshoots. However, I'm grateful I was still able to work with some wonderful photographers. In early 2017, I worked with one of the loveliest photographers I have ever met, Michael Maxfield or also known as Maxfield Photography. We shot nude in the snow. This is the craziest shoot I have ever done so far. I stripped my clothes when the temperature was below 0 Celsius degrees. When I was completely naked playing with snow, the shoot survived for only around 5 minutes. Lol. I started not to be able to feel my feet anymore and I could hardly put on my own boots. So, the photographer carried me back to his car with the heater on and a cup of hot chocolate. That was really fun, though.

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Emma Nuelle - Andre Allio's Art

"Emma Nuelle is a model and a photographer from a city near St Etienne but she is also a self-portraitist.

last month she organized a trip to my region to shoot models and meet some photographers.

I had the pleasure to meet her, as a model, to realize this series.

the first project was to shoot at an abandoned factory but the day before,

I had a good idea to verify the place and i had the surprise to found a guardian for securing the access.

finally, i changed my plan and we did it an abandoned house I had found

some time before ."

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