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  • Bella Star

    Bella Star

    You cannot please the world you never will have everyone on your side, but look in the mirror if you love yourself others will love you too.

    The ones that have something negative to say shouldn't be in your life anyways.

    Friends, boyfriend/girlfriend, and family should talk you up if they don't, don't be scared to drop them.

    I feel like we all have insecurities, but if you could find something that you love about yourself those insecurities just goes away.

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  • Tereza Ympress

    Tereza Ympress


    Tereza Ympress


    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


    Photographer: Royal Views 

    Mua: Candice Tate 

    Photographer for the blue background with sparkle dress is Torreé Marcel 
  • Isabella


    You are beautiful- Embrace being unique. People are going to say mean things. As soon as something ruffles feathers they always do. Let it go!

    Set goals for yourself, manifest them, believe in them.

    Get uncomfortable- go to those casting calls. Send that email. YOU have to believe in yourself.

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Laytitia - Curly French Beauty


What represents me totally, I always smile even when it does not go because over the years I have forged a carapace. The Mediterranean, I grew up under the sun of the Côte d'Azur which makes me sparkling and smiling every day.

I am a very dreamy woman-child, I always wanted to be an artist but my lack of confidence made me unfortunately sometimes abandoned and thanks to the photo I was able to regain confidence in me and I intend to do everything to realize my dreams.

Model: Laytitia @frenchcurlysensual

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Lucilla - Light Opposite of Dark

My name is Lucilla like Plautus said: "Nomen omen" (the name speaks for itself). The origin of my name it's the Latin word Lux" (meaning "light" opposite of dark).

There is a light that leads my life. A light that pushed me to pursue different careers in different places.

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 I studied film directing, as I think it would tremendously help me to be a better actor, and it's good to see the whole thing from another angle. I loved work with students on short films, UCLA really made us a big family. Sometimes, we got to make short films with the same scripts, it was so interesting to see everyone's film turned out to be so different. Thanks to my UCLA studies, I have two films in the film festival, "Forget to Remember" and "Wine Not". They were based on my previous relationships. My friends always say that I am like Taylor Swift in films.

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