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Martina - un irresistibile disastro / an irresistible disaster

Arrivare a trent'anni per molte persone significa ''mettere la testa a posto'', pensare a rafforzare la propria stabilità economica o metter su famiglia...per me ha significato iniziare una carriera nel mondo dei contenuti per adulti, come creatrice e performer. Tutto è iniziato da un profilo su un sito di cam, attività che per il momento ho sospeso per dare priorità al mondo del porno professionale. In meno di due mesi ho già lavorato con alcuni degli studios più prestigiosi d'Europa e ci sono già molte eccitanti novità in arrivo.

Arriving thirty years for many people means '' putting their head in place'', thinking about strengthening their economic stability or putting on a family... for me it meant starting a career in the world of adult content, as creator and performers. Everything started from a profile on a cam site, activities that for the moment I suspended to prioritize the world of professional . In less than two months I have already worked with some of the most prestigious studios in Europe and there are already many exciting news coming.

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Crystal - We are proud to present our amazing friend and gorgeous model

I am a cam model at LiveJasmin and I’m proud to be one cause it gave me the chance to discover myself, to have more self confidence and to make money! It started because I always aspired to more and I wanted to do something with my life, but I also wanted to have time for myself and not to have someone to give me orders or to tell me what to do. And I decided to try it, even I was super nervous and shy at the begging because was something new, something I was t sure it will be good for me. The reaction from the people close to me was normal, a part of my family knows what I’m doing and they respect that. Friends are still my friends because they love me for who I am and some “friends” just tried to change my mind telling me I should feel ashamed. So do you know what I did? I just kicked them outta my life cause no one has the right to judge me and because I don’t consider I’m doing something bad, but art! ❤️

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Stradivarius - I would love to let my body and soul discovered by you

Feels like it all started a lifetime ago and there is no before...
I was dreaming to own the "big city lights" so moved to Bucharest where I started a cam model career. 
Over the last 8 years been a Live Jasmin model, one of the Flirt4Free top models and when I had to take a break, because of some personal issues, been a trainer for new models, in different studios. And this is what I loved the most - to be able to share my experience, help them grow their confidence and step out of the comfort zone. 
The most valuable lesson to offer is that on cam or other platforms such as Only fans you can be whoever you want to, but the most important is to be who you really are!

Chiara - sensazionale nuovo modello dall'Italia / sensational new model from Italy

Esprimere la mia femminilità, il mio essere donna e la mia sensualità, mi aiuta anche nella vita fuori dal set, ho imparato a conoscermi molto di più attraverso questa esperienza e anche a conoscere belle persone!

Expressing my femininity, my being a woman and my sensuality also helps me in life off the set, I learned to know myself much more through this experience and also to meet beautiful people!

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