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Katherine Grace - don't be afraid to show your beauty

To all the girls I would say - don't be afraid to show your beauty, your sex appeal... to share and to inspire others!! Beautiful things don't have to be seen behind closed doors!!! 
Don't think too much - step in, learn... get engaged .. discover yourself - and you will succeed. Don't be afraid to share and to offer to people beautiful photos in lingerie or even erotic photos!  If your mind is free - you will be free... that will help you to be happy with yourself and enjoying life! 
 I always liked photos and photography-since I was kid and my father was using an old photocamera and we been developing photos at home.. I been posing for photos since than ,but of course that was occasionally and just like an amateur .. I remember my first photoshoot in studio when I was 21 years old.. They were glamourous and sexy photos - I still have them.
Now when I do photoshoot I pay attention to every single detail - outfits, heels, hair, make up and location .Lingerie is must in a photosession - I am old fashioned  regarding woman style I will always say that it is sexy and erotic that woman should wear stockings and heel with lingerie ... It is seducing, elegant and sexy! I love lacy lingerie .. and good quality stockings.
Heels is my huge passion , fetish I would say...Since I started walking in heels I was paying much attention to different models ,different colors. .As I grow up I got even more passionate about heels.. My fav brand is Christian Louboutin and Casadei, But there are so many others good Italian brands which would catch my attention. Red soles of C.Louboutin is symbol of elegance and sexiness, in my opinion.
Beside modeling passion, I had one dream ... to become an actress... Well, things in my life got in different directions... But, at age 33 I discovered Web cam modeling - and in that moment I started to live my dream of becoming an actress.. I used to work as independent model .. but I had so many things to learn by myself..  After 2 years I decided to do something else.. but in a while I got back to Web cam modeling ... 
Being more mature is a good thing, you learn a lot about yourself and other people... I discovered many fascinating things about people, about their desires .. fantasies .. As more as I work in this industry - as more I realize how different we are, how interesting we are .. and how much power women have -which we, many women, even did not know about! I discovered myself, I have developed myself... I learned more about myself and I become more confident!  I always had in mind -Don't matter what people will say - people will always talk! I changed my life with this job - I become more confident, I have more freedom and more opportunities!!! It is my life and I am in charge of it!
 Thank you