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  • Bio - Celebrando las maravillas de tu cuerpo / Celebrating the Wonders of Your Body

    Bio - Celebrando las maravillas de tu cuerpo / Celebrating the Wonders of Your Body

    Soy Bioleter, tengo 20 años, enamorada del modelaje. Me gusta la lencería, el tocador y el modelaje artístico desnudo.

    I am Bioleter, I am 20 years old, in love with modeling. I like lingerie, boudoir, and nude art modeling.

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  • Yamila Reyes - la vida es una y tienes que hacer lo que te gusta / life is one and you have to do what you like

    Yamila Reyes - la vida es una y tienes que hacer lo que te gusta / life is one and you have to do what you like

    Mi nombre es Yamila tengo 25 años soy de San Jose, Uruguay. Soy una chica simpática, divertida, amo los animales me encantan me gusta tener amigos pero no soy muy sociable personalmente raro no? 
    My name is Yamila I am 25 years old I am from San Jose, Uruguay. I am a nice, funny girl, I love animals, I like having friends but I am not very sociable.
  • Dahiana - enamorado del modelaje / in love with modeling

    Dahiana - enamorado del modelaje / in love with modeling

    Mi nombre es Dahiana Duarte. Tengo 19 años y amo todo lo que va con el modelaje.

    My name is Dahiana Duarte. I am 19 years old and I love everything that goes with modeling.

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  • Daiana Lencina - belleza de Uruguay / beauty from Uruguay

    Daiana Lencina - belleza de Uruguay / beauty from Uruguay

    Mi nombre es Daiana Lencina, tengo 20 años, soy del departamento de Canelones, Uruguay. 
    My name is Daiana Lencina, I am 20 years old, I am from the department of Canelones, Uruguay.

Lou - I am proud of what I've achieved and I've worked hard to feel confident with my body

There's been a lot of changes for me over the last year with work/life balance etc, so I'm trying to get back in a good routine with my fitness and continue to push myself. I am planning on competing again next year as that's my big 50th year so I plan to give it my all and come home with some more trophies!! So focus on fitness and building will have to start around Aug/Sep and I plan to still do as much modelling as I can in between. I've worked with many talented photographers but there's still more on my radar!  I have also just recently started to Pole which I love so cannot wait to learn more dance based routines and show this off too!

I'm so thankful I did this in my life, I have met the most amazing people along the way and have the most amazing images to look back on... do it, you will have no regrets!

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Benedetta D Anna - Mi dover giocare con la macchina fotografica e di sedurla / I have to play with the camera and seduce her

Credo che chi si avvicina a questo mondo debba fare prima una analisi di se stessa . Debba accettarsi e piacersi per i propri difetti e qualità . 
Non avere paura delle critiche e solo dopo mostrarsi e tirar fuori il meglio di se . 
I believe that anyone who approaches this world must first make an analysis of themselves. He must accept and like himself for his defects and qualities.
Do not be afraid of criticism and only then show yourself and bring out the best of yourself.

Serena Balduzzi - classe Italiana / Italian class

Ci si deve accettare per quello che si è con i propri difetti e pregi.

Nessuna è perfetta e ogni donna è bella a suo modo, ed è libera di sentirsi di realizzare quello che vuole purché si senta a proprio agio con il proprio corpo.

Per quanto riguarda il "cosa dirà la gente" posso riassumere così : posso fare quasi tutto quello che voglio fare e non devo fare niente di quello che non voglio fare.

Le persone che riescono a fare quello che vogliono sono rarissime, invidiatissime e costantemente criticate.

La buona notizia è che focalizzandosi esclusivamente sul fare quello che si vuole, il rumore di fondo della gente comune svanira'come il rumore di una nave che scompare all'orizzonte.


You have to accept yourself for what you are with your defects and strengths.

No one is perfect and every woman is beautiful in her own way, and is free to feel like accomplishing what she wants as long as she feels comfortable with her body.

As for "what will people say" I can sum it up like this: I can do almost anything I want to do and I don't have to do anything I don't want to do.

People who manage to do what they want are very rare, highly envied and constantly criticized.

The good news is that by focusing solely on doing what you want, the background noise of ordinary people will fade away like the sound of a ship disappearing over the horizon.

Chiara - Scattare mi ha aiutata a conoscermi meglio / Taking photos helped me get to know myself better

Io credo che in ognuno di noi ci sia qualcosa che vorremmo cambiare, ma il nostro corpo con gli anni muta e secondo me il segreto sta proprio nell’ accettare questi cambiamenti. Il consiglio che darei è di provare senza sentirsi giudicate. Viviamo in un mondo nel quale la gente valuta più l apparenza che la sostanza della persona stessa, ma questo non dev’essere un reprimere le proprie ambizioni.

I believe that there is something in each of us that we would like to change, but our body changes over the years and in my opinion the secret lies in accepting these changes. The advice I would give is to try without feeling judged. We live in a world in which people value the appearance more than the substance of the person himself, but this must not be a repressing of their own ambitions.

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Thea - Beauty gets the attention, but personality gets the heart

Hi, I’m Thea and I’ve been a webcam model for over five years.

It started as a way to get over shyness and discover my body and sexuality and it has become a stable and profitable job. Most people judge this industry so badly, but you know “ when you don’t taste a kind of food, you say it is not tasty”. I started to love this job because of the wonderful people I met online and i am very grateful.

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