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  • Elena - mature beauty / bellezza matura

    Elena - mature beauty / bellezza matura

    Sono Elena nata a Venezia ma vivo da anni nella provincia di Padova.

    Amo la fotografia, mi piace pensare che ogni foto sia un po' come una memoria di noi stessi, rimane lì, cattura un momento che rimane eterno.

    Ho iniziato per gioco ,un po' per riscattarmi da un brutto periodo e ora da un anno lo faccio come hobby.


    I'm Elena born in Venice but I've been living in the province of Padua for years.

    I love photography, I like to think that every photo is a bit like a memory of ourselves, it stays there, it captures a moment that remains eternal.

    I started as a game, a bit to redeem myself from a bad time and now I've been doing it as a hobby for a year.


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  • Giulia - Amo la Fotografia e l'Arte racchiusa in essa! / I love Photography and the Art enclosed in it!

    Giulia - Amo la Fotografia e l'Arte racchiusa in essa! / I love Photography and the Art enclosed in it!

    Sono Giulia (nome d'arte la malefique) origini Romane, ma lombarda di adozione.

    Nella vita sono una fotomodella e ragazza immagine saltuariamente. 

    Ho sempre adorato la fotografia e ho cominciato a posare diversi anni fa, anche se tutto è nato casualmente .

    Adoro il nudo artistico infatti la mia passione per la fotografia è nata al liceo studiando arte.


    I'm Giulia (stage name la malefique) Roman origins, but Lombard by adoption.

     In life I am a model and image girl occasionally.

     I've always loved photography and I started posing several years ago, even if it all started by chance.

     I love the artistic nude in fact my passion for photography was born in high school studying art.


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  • Susan Swan - Some people chase dreams, I make mine come true. Domination is a natural state of any woman

    Susan Swan - Some people chase dreams, I make mine come true. Domination is a natural state of any woman

    I want everyone to hear! 
    Don't be afraid to change yourself radically. Life is so short that there is no time to think long.
    The most important aspects for every woman are
    independence and freedom.
    I want to share honestly how
    did I find my own freedom..
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  • Maddy - Italian alt beauty / Bellezza alternativa Italiana

    Maddy - Italian alt beauty / Bellezza alternativa Italiana

    Maddy, del sud trapiantata al nord,sono tornata a posare dopo tanto tempo, per lavoro e divertimento, mi piacciono le location outdoor e urbex , i progetti non banali, non le foto scontate sul divano, dico sempre che un bel lato b su un divano è un lato b su un divano, un lato b in una bella location è tutta un altra cosa,ho alcuni proggetti di shooting che non sono ancora riuscita a realizzare ,s ono alla ricerca di un paio di location particolari e di una modella con cui fare uno shooting assieme. Dicono che sono dominante , ma ho bisogno di condividere il progetto del fotografo e che lui mi faccia sentire a mio agio, raramente faccio nudo completo e sicuramente non faccio "Met"
    Maddy, from the south transplanted to the north, I returned to pose after a long time, for work and fun, I like outdoor and urbex locations, non-trivial projects, not cheap photos on the sofa, I always say that a nice b-side on a sofa is a b-side on a sofa, a b-side in a beautiful location is a whole other thing, I have some shooting projects that I have not yet managed to realize, I am looking for a couple of particular locations and a model with to do a shooting together. They say I'm dominant, but I need to share the photographer's project and that he makes me feel at ease, I rarely do full nude and I definitely don't "Met"

Crystal - an amazing model with the right attitude

My advice for all girls who don't trust themselves is to start looking in the mirror more often.  We have to think that each person has something special.  If we do not love ourselves, no one will love us. Because only by loving ourselves we can shine and make anyone fall in love with us because of the confidence we emanate. 
I also had a lack of confidence years ago and I felt bad because I thought I’m not beautiful enough cause I was too skinny. So I decided  to make some changes, I started to fill my time with beneficial things so that I don't have time to think negatively (going to the gym, to the beauty salon, shopping) and to get the toxic people out of my life (Toxic people make things worse in these cases)

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Tifanny - stay confident

I am 30 year old Colombian but I live in Spain, I love modelling and dancing also. Dancing helps to keep my body in shape but modelling is my passion. It makes me feel alive and when I see the finished results it makes me want to do more shoots.

I have had several shoots with different photographers but nowadays I use mainly one photographer because I love his style and he brings out the best in me. Modelling gives me so much confidence that I did not have before I started to model and has made me more contented with life.

Photographer Mike Ryan

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Eva Strong - Nothing keeps me down

I’m Mistress Eva Strong. 

I’m a fetish model and also a bodybuilder and fitness coach. 

I’ve only in recent years started modelling, having spent 17 years working in the fitness industry and competing as a bodybuilder. 

I’m fiercely competitive and it’s something that I take into my modelling and part-time work as a Dominatrix.

Yes, I kick ass like no-one else as my clients will tell you!

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Art by Donell - Amber

Last year I focused on taking care of myself, and I finally embraced my imperfections. I recently did a fun photoshoot, and realized how much I loved being on the other side of the camera again. When I saw the opportunity to do an implied nude shoot I saw it as all, or nothing. Either I had the confidence to start this new journey, or I didn't. It was one of the most liberating experiences I've ever had. I felt comfortable, confident, and had so much fun. I feel like it's necessary for real people of all ages, and body shapes to be represented in this industry. You truly never know what your capable of until you try.

Jessica - appassionato di modellismo / passionate about modeling

Sono Jessica, sono originaria dell'Emilia Romagna, ho 42 anni e sono mamma.
Ho iniziato a fare la modella partecipando a Miss Italia, sono arrivata in semifinale e devo dire che mi sono divertita molto oltre ad avere nuove esperienze.
Ho fatto il mio primo servizio fotografico nel 2019 partendo dal ritratto.
Tuttavia ora i miei generi sono glamour boudoir e soft nude.
I am Jessica, I am a native of Emilia Romagna, I am 42 years old and I am a mother.
I started modeling by participating in Miss Italy, I reached the semifinals and I must say that I had a lot of fun as well as having new experiences.
I did my first photo shoot in 2019 starting with portrait.
However now my genres are glamor boudoir and soft nude.

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