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  • Kaya Slice - Il faut suivre ses envies / You have to follow your desires

    Kaya Slice - Il faut suivre ses envies / You have to follow your desires

    La danse est présente pour moi depuis toujours, bien avant la photographie. J'ai commencé toute petite par de la danse classique et je ne me suis jamais arrêtée. J'ai essayé beaucoup de styles, du contemporain au hip hop mais aussi du cabaret, danses latines, du jazz... J'ai voulu découvrir un maximum de styles et je pense en découvrir encore beaucoup d'autre à l'avenir car ma curiosité sur cet art n'a pas de limite.
     J'ai suivi un cursus scolaire lié à la danse ce qui m'a orienté vers une licence en art du spectacle spécialité danse à l'université de Nice.
    Je pense que la danse m'a beaucoup aidé durant les shooting dans les attitudes, les poses, ça a permis de donner du mouvement à quelque chose d'ordinaire de statique. 
    Dance has always been present to me, long before photography. I started very young with classical dance and I never stopped. I tried a lot of styles, from contemporary to hip hop but also cabaret, Latin dances, jazz ... I wanted to discover as many styles as possible and I think I will discover many more in the future because my curiosity about this art has no limit.
    I followed a school course related to dance which led me to a license in performing arts specializing in dance at the University of Nice.
    I think that the dance helped me a lot during the shooting in the attitudes, the poses, it allowed to give movement to something usually static.
  • Margot - Eyes Wide Shut

    Margot - Eyes Wide Shut

    Amo la fotografia, amo usare il mio corpo per creare arte, che sia con indumenti o completamente nudo. Per me la nudità è completa libertà e liberazione, lo è sempre stata.

    I love photography, I love using my body to create art, whether it's in clothing or completely naked. For me nudity is complete freedom and liberation, it always has been.

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  • Katherine Grace - don't be afraid to show your beauty

    Katherine Grace - don't be afraid to show your beauty

    To all the girls I would say - don't be afraid to show your beauty, your sex appeal... to share and to inspire others!! Beautiful things don't have to be seen behind closed doors!!! 
    Don't think too much - step in, learn... get engaged .. discover yourself - and you will succeed. Don't be afraid to share and to offer to people beautiful photos in lingerie or even erotic photos!  If your mind is free - you will be free... that will help you to be happy with yourself and enjoying life! 
  • Laura - returned to modelling

    Laura - returned to modelling

    I have recently returned to modelling after a long break of over 5 years! 

    I first got a taste for it in 2010 when I paid to have a photoshoot. That same year I entered a calendar girls competition and got a real buzz from that. 
    I then got married and a had a child. A few years later after separating from my husband and meeting a new partner, I decided to give it a go again. 
    I was lucky to work with a variety of photographers and really found a flair for it, although my confidence was lacking. 
    I had a break of over 5 years. In that time I had another child and remarried. Recently, nervous being in my 30s, I got the urge to get in front of the camera again. I have been working out at home since the days of PE with Joe Wicks and feeling a lot more confident in myself. 

Yamila Reyes - la vida es una y tienes que hacer lo que te gusta / life is one and you have to do what you like

Mi nombre es Yamila tengo 25 años soy de San Jose, Uruguay. Soy una chica simpática, divertida, amo los animales me encantan me gusta tener amigos pero no soy muy sociable personalmente raro no? 
My name is Yamila I am 25 years old I am from San Jose, Uruguay. I am a nice, funny girl, I love animals, I like having friends but I am not very sociable.

Nicole - Boudoir can still be very sexy even without showing lots of skin or overly provocative poses. It’s all in the attitude

 I still have my moments of self-consciousness, its only normal.  My best advice is to pretend you are a character, wear a wig, change your makeup, etc… Creating a fantasy persona is key to coming out of your shell.  There is something magical about dressing in gorgeous lingerie, sky high heels, and dramatic makeup, and a stunning wig that take you into a fantasy world that makes you feel like a goddess.  Your confidence will be elevated and this will come across in your photos.  Practice posing in front of a mirror to get your angles right and understand what poses flatter your figure the most.  Confidence will come as you do it more and more. But remember to go only as far as you are comfortable with.  Boudoir can still be very sexy even without showing lots of skin or overly provocative poses. It’s all in the attitude.  Only pose how you like.

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Pauline - Höre niemals auf, daran zu arbeiten, die beste Version deiner selbst zu werden! / Never stop working to become the best version of yourself!

Ich fühle mich sehr wohl auf meinen Bildern und für mich ist es ein Ausdruck von Kunst und Schönheit. Wichtig ist in meinen Augen immer, dass man sich nicht verstellt. Es muss authentisch sein, denn sonst spiegelt man keine Losgelassenheit in den Bildern wieder, was sehr wichtig ist und die Bilder erst ausdrucksstark macht. Was andere Leute über mich sagen ist mir egal. Es macht keinen Unterschied, ob man sich nackt zeigt oder nicht. Wenn die Leute schlecht über einen sprechen wollen, so tun sie es sowieso.

I feel very comfortable in my pictures and for me it is an expression of art and beauty. In my opinion, it is always important not to pretend. It has to be authentic, because otherwise you will not show any slackness in the pictures, which is very important and only makes the pictures expressive. I don't care what other people say about me. It makes no difference whether you show yourself naked or not. If people want to talk bad about you, they will anyway.

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